Light Up Your Condo With These Smart Décor Tips


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Using some of the smart décor tips given by Irvine Residential Living in the presentation you can light up the condos for sale Irvine has to offer.


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Light Up Your Condo With These Smart Décor Tips:

Light Up Your Condo With These Smart Décor Tips

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It is not necessary that when you are house hunting you will definitely land up with a corner condo facing to the east. Although it is convenient to live in a condominium, the lack of sunlight can make your place look dark and dingy. However, using some of the smart décor tips given below you can light up the condos for sale Irvine has to offer.

Tip #1: Lots of Lights:

Tip #1: Lots of Lights It is essential to use lots of artificial lights to substitute for the natural sunlight. It would be a good idea to light up your dark corners with floor lamps. A soft glow of the consoles and lamps placed correctly on the side tables also make a darker place more bright and clear. In every other place where no other lighting fixture works, a pendant lamp will work just fine. Furthermore, try to reach the heights with the correct lighting. The higher the lights are, the brighter your place will look. Lighter or white lamp shades compliment places without the natural light.

Tip # 2: Black is Forbidden:

Tip # 2: Black is Forbidden Avoid black completely in the condos with low or no natural light. Black furniture or other accessories strongly emit darkness, and thus, make the place gloomier. If you cannot live without something black, then use it as a contrast to compliment the lighter walls or a white table, using a mirror framed in black or a black vase.

Tip # 3: Wash It White:

Tip # 3: Wash It White The best choice in darker condos for sale Irvine has to offer, is the white color which makes the whole place look spacious and bright. From different shades of white to pale grays and other lighter colors that reflect light, you can accentuate your place with different materials and pieces. If the black furniture sucks out the light, the white furniture does the opposite. It actually makes the room brighter and fresher.

Tip # 4: Wall Colors:

Tip # 4: Wall Colors The wall colors can make or break the look of any room. When you are planning to give your condo a makeover, opt for the lighter shades. You don’t need to choose plain white. Creams, off whites, ash gray, and similar colors can emit brightness in any room. The best way to finalize a color for any room is to apply a patch and then observe its shades at different times of the day. Different lightings will have different shades and you can finalize the one which brings out the bright ambiance at all times.

Tip # 5: Accessorize With Mirrors:

Tip # 5: Accessorize With Mirrors Mirrors are one accessory that can create a sense of spaciousness and brightness altogether. Strategically placed mirrors can reflect the light you have around the house and thus lead to brighter surroundings. Remember to place some mirrors in the areas which do get some natural light to utilize it more.

Tip # 6: Sparkling Clean:

Tip # 6: Sparkling Clean Clutter is the enemy of brightness and space. It can make any place give out a feeling of darkness. Clean, organized spaces not only make the area look bigger, it also makes it look brighter.

Tip # 7: Lighter Flooring and Rugs:

Tip # 7: Lighter Flooring and Rugs If you are lucky enough to have light-colored flooring in one of the condos for sale Irvine offers, then good for you, but if not then consider investing in this particular renovation. Again, for light colored tiles or hardwood. In case, you can’t afford to make big changes then at least invest in a good light toned rug which has a similar effect as the lighter floors.

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