Gastric Band in India

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Gastric Band in India

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What is Gastric Banding Gastric Banding is the surgical procedure in which the stomach is reduced by dividing it into two parts – a smaller upper portion and a larger lower portion. The smaller upper pouch is then connected directly to the smaller intestine thereby bypassing the major portion of the stomach.

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Facts about Gastric Banding • Gastric banding is one among the four types of bariatric surgeries for morbid obesity • Gastric banding can be done laparoscopically and is also called Lap Band • It needs to be followed by a strict and disciplined diet and exercise regimes to maximize the effects

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Advantages of Gastric Banding • The size of the effective stomach can be adjusted or revised according to the initial condition of the patient and the target weight loss. • The reduction in volume of the stomach makes the person feel full faster thereby reducing the food intake. • In long term the person reduces weight and the quality of daily life improves considerably.

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Gastric banding procedure: Steps involved in the Gastric Banding procedure are: • As the name suggests the surgeon places a band around the upper portion of the stomach to create a small pouch to hold food and separates it from the remaining part of the stomach. The band limits the amount of food that one can eat by making the person feel full faster. • In laparoscopic adjustable lap band procedure the band position can be adjusted or revised and the procedure is done laparoscopically.

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Gastric Band in India- benefits • Choice of hospitals with International accreditations like JCI/NABH • Highly skilled and extensively experienced doctors • Hospitals with state of the art facilities and latest technologies • Absolutely low waiting period • Ease of access by flights English speaking support staff

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Gastric banding cost in India Gastric banding cost in India is typically between 7600-10500 USD. The cost typically depends on the hospital patient condition and the length of stay in hospital. Gastric banding cost in India is much lower than those in many other countries like US UK. In reality the same procedure can be undertaken in India at a much lower budget that too with out compromising on the quality and care.

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How to undertake gastric banding in India Planning to go for your Gastric Band in India The best idea would be to reach out to a medical travel company who can assist you in choosing the best hospital for you getting the right treatment plan arranging for your travel accommodation requirements etc. Indheal is one such company having 50+ hospitals on their platform along with hotel/service apartments and travel partners. This enables them to assist you to get a end to end solution for your treatment needs according to your preference of hospital and location anywhere in India.

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