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Our supply chain quality control solution can be used to regulate and track quality checks at any stage throughout your supply chain process.


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Q3 | 2018 Product Spotlights Packaging Compliance Quality Control In this edition

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Not only are consumer’s expectations increasing with regards to speed but understandably their expectations of quality are too. Being able to validate the quality at multiple points in the supply chain is a must-have for retailers. Adjuno’s Quality Control module is able to plug into any point along the supply chain whether it be at origin or destination. This allows for retailers to be more confi dent that the product being shipped to them from across the globe is of the highest quality which they would be comfortable shipping to consumers. Quality Control is there to: • Provide a single online tool for performing and recording quality inspections • Escalate decisions to senior positions when appropriate • Facilitate bookings when using third party inspections services. With Quality Control in place retailers can expect increased speed to market due to a decrease in the time inspection cycles take reduced number of returns due to poor quality products and improved visibility into your gold star or underperforming suppliers. All of which improves the of ering to the market building a brand of confi dence in product quality. Quality Control PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Quality Control Benefi ts Reduced number of returns Improved consumer confi dence Increased speed to market

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In today’s world waste is a hot topic and understandably so. With plastics in the ocean overwhelming volumes of waste in landfi lls globally and increasingly unsustainable manufacturing demands packaging waste needs to be controlled and reduced. With this in mind Adjuno’s Packaging Compliance module is here to lend a helping hand. Agreeing which transit packaging should be used by a supplier to ship their goods to you and managing their compliance to that process is an often overlooked or time consuming part of the procurement and shipping process. Packaging Compliance is there to: • Specify share packaging requirements and then prompt suppliers to confi rm the packaging in use • Auto-approve or display for manual approval the packaging the supplier has confi rmed • Monitor non-compliant suppliers to highlight areas where corrective actions may need to be taken This is all with the aim of reducing packaging waste. However it also has the added benefi t of reducing the administration of this process into a single system improving container utilisation and increasing the ef ciency of automation and space utilisation within DCs. Packaging Compliance Packaging Compliance Benefi ts • Improved utilisation of DC space and MHE • Reduced packaging costs and waste • Increased container utilisation and reduced container costs

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Here at Adjuno we are constantly investigating and evaluating dif erent technologies and approaches. Here’s a sneak peek into a few technologies into which we are investing for our future roadmap. With Big Data IoT and Chatbot technology comes the need to process huge amounts of data intelligently and at speed. This is where Artifi cial Intelligence AI and Predictive Analytics PA come in. PA is a combination of mathematical models/algorithms and historical data to predict future outcomes or the likelihood of them happening. However to meaningfully use such technology you need scale and speed. Combining PA with AI is where the real value is realised. AI enables technology to perform functions that would normally require human intervention faster more precisely and with the ability to process huge volumes of data. AI and PA are a key part of our approach to using these technologies so that retailers can make better more ef ective use of their supply chain. Adjuno’s software is not only extremely rich in functionality but is also a huge repository of information about our customers supply chain. For many of our customers we have years of data about their global shipments what products were on them which suppliers and factories they came from what dates they were expected and what dates they actually arrived. This in tandem with third party sources could be hugely powerful in predicting outcomes and recommending corrective actions for a retailer to take. And this is just one example This can be described as Big Data: extremely large sets of data that can be analysed by a system to reveal trends patterns relationships etc. Alongside this is the Internet of Things or IoT. The Internet of Things is the interconnection via the internet of devices embedded in everyday objects enabling them to send and receive data. In supply chain this could mean being updated about the exact whereabouts of a vessel with your containers on them as it crosses the Atlantic or the contents of a container being confi rmed using RFID as it goes through checkpoints in DCs and Hubs. These applications make our customers supply chains smarter more ef cient and more ef ective. At Adjuno our overall aim is to simplify and speed up the customers’ use of our software and their ability to fi nd answers to the simplest of questions. We are currently investigating and investing into Chatbot technology. A Chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users which can respond as a human would. However the real power of a Chatbot is the speed at which it can look into volumes of data as well as a variety of sources to fi nd the answer. Chatbot Internet of Things Big Data Artifi cial Intelligence Predictive Analytics TECH SNEAK PEEK Want more info Contact us now

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