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COUNTRIES AND CHRISTIAN % 50% Christians - 150 Countries 10 – 50% Christians - 23 Countries 1 – 10% Christians - 35 Countries 0 – 1% Christians - 29 Countries

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SCRIPTURE ACESS 98.7% of people have access to scripture in 6,700 languages. 78 million people in 6,800 languages do not have access to the scriptures.

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29 COUNTRIES WITH LESS THAN 1 % CHRISTIANITY Difficult or dangerous for foreigners Tentmaking possibility Open Christian witness Algeria Bhutan Iran Maldives North Korea Sahara Somalia Afghanistan Bangladesh Comoros Mauritania Morocco Tunisia Yemen Libya Cambodia Magnolia Nepal Niger Thailand Turkey

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GROWTH OF EVANGELICALS FROM 1960 : 1960 – Africa: More that 50% of the population turned to Christianity 1980 – East Asia: of the ten largest evangelical congregations in the world, 7 are in Korea (Seoul) where there was not a single church 110 years before

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MARTYRS Centaury Martyrs 1900 1970 2000 2003 2025 40,000 370,000 160,000 165,000 210,000

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CHRISTIANITY STATUS : In 2000 there were almost exactly 2 billion Christians in the world Majority of these, 58% were up the Four fifths world (Asia, Africa, Latin America), with 42% in the western world. Continent with the most Christians was Europe, with 560 million, followed by 481 million Christians of Latin American, followed by 360 million of Africa and lastly 313 million of Asia.

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GROWTH In 1900, only 9.2% of Africans were Christians but in 2000 it became 45.9%. In 1900, only 2.3% of Asians were Christians but in 2000 it became 8.5%. In 1980 East Asia has the ten largest evangelical congregations in the world of which 7 are in Korea (Seoul) where there was not a single church 110 years before

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ISLAM : Islam with 1.2 billion population in 2000 or 19.6% of the world’s population 40.5% of Africa was Muslim, and Islam was the largest in Asia by a popularity of 22.5% In the list of ten countries with the most Muslims in 2000, the top six were in Asia (Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Turkey and Iran in that order), and the next four in Africa (Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria and Morocco). 90% of Muslims reside in Asia and Africa.

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UNEVANGELISED : In 2000, 26.9% of the world’s population or 1.6 billion people, remained un-evangelized. 1.4 billion of the world’s 1.6 billion un-evangelized, or 87% lived in Asia. Most of the others, another 9%, lived Africa, mainly North Africa. There are 38 countries in the world whose more than half population remained un-evangelized in 2000.

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10/40 Window Most of the estimated 10,000 unreached people groups, which still need missionaries to plant Christ’s church among them, are located geographically in what some scholars call – “ 10/40 window” – from West Africa across Asia Between 10 degrees latitude north of the equator to 40 degrees north. It is often called the resistant belt.

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It is significant for the following reasons Biblical & Historical significance : Adam & Eve. Has Worlds 50 least evangelize countries 37 are in 10/40 window. These 37 comprise of 95% of total population if 50 least evangelized countries. 1/3 of lands area & 2/3 of world people. 400 crores population and in 61 countries. 3 religion blocks – Islam, Hinduism, & Buddhism. Poorest of poor (240 crores) live and only 8% of all missionaries work among them. 90% of all spiritually bankrupt and ethno – linguist mega peoples. Least evangelized Mega cities with population over 10 crores. Of top 50, all 50 of them are here. Numerous strongholds of satan. 19 ex communist and 24 middle east countries.

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