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Enjoy amazing international tour packages offers on IRCTC Tourism With the advancement in technology and our curiosity to explore, the world is only becoming smaller. Travelling abroad is no longer a far fetched dream anymore. Especially with websites and travel portals blasting us with amazing  international tour packages offers , we all wish to grab the best deal possible. Tourists are both flying to and from India in huge numbers as the tourism industry is now at the peak of its growth. To make sure that every traveller witnesses the best travel experience, IRCTC Tourism if your one-stop-shop to provide travellers with " international tour package offers "  and domestic tour package offers that are very well crafted as they provide everything that is needed on your trip. Visit www.irctctourism.com to explore a plethora of tour packages & offers.


Travelling is an essential part of our lives. It helps us escape the monotony of our daily lives and explore a whole new world. As we travel, we come across people of different culture, history and background. It not only contributes to the enhancing of one’s creativity and also improves one’s mental health.


Especially when you travel beyond the boundaries of India, it provides you with a different living experience altogether. One such international holiday destination is Dubai which has a culture totally opposite to ours . A lot of people think that Dubai is still conservative and traditional place. But that’s not true. With skyscrapers and palm-shaped islands, high-end retail stores and fancy restaurants and clubs, one can witness the opulence of Dubai’s modern-day lifestyle and metropolitan culture. IRCTC Tourism provides the best  India to Dubai tour packages  to choose from : Splendid Dubai Tour starts from Rs 59, 599  Dazzling Dubai International starts from Rs 53, 590 Charismatic Dubai with Abu Dhabi starts from Rs 51, 600 Majestic Dubai starts from Rs 54, 750  Dubai Delight International Rs 62, 500 The activities & destinations included in the  Dubai tour packages  include enjoying the Dhow Cruise and the ultimate desert safari with BBQ dinner, visit to Burj Khalifa , Miracle garden, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ferrari World, Mall of the Emirates, Snow Park, Dubai Museum, and Dubai Global Village and watching the Dolphin Show, Light and Sound Show, and world-famous Belly Dance.


There are many more " international tour packages offers "  the travellers can opt from. They are: Adbhut Bhutan Classic Spain and Portugal  The  Singapore Tour Package   Thailand Delights Magnificent China Sri Lanka Tour Package  (famous as Scenic Sri Lanka) Best of Nepal And many more… To know about the " international tour packages offers"  by IRCTC Tourism, visit the official website www.irctctourism.com to book your favourite tour package .


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