current crisis of Pakistan

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Group Members:

Group Members Hina Khalid 10070621-001 Iqra Farooq 10070621-009 Ali Irfan shah 10070621-031 Hinza R aiz 10070621-045

Current Crisis Of Pakistan:

Current Crisis Of Pakistan

Crisis Faces By Pakistan:

Crisis Faces By Pakistan There are four main crises in Pakistan Political crises Energy crises Food crises Financial crises

Political crisis:

Political crisis Lust of Power Highly Aggressive Posture of Opposition Disrespect for Democratic Institutions Cult of Personality The Role of Extra Political Forces Disappointing Performance of Assemblies Poor law and order condition Corruption

PowerPoint Presentation:

1. Lust of power Our politicians take authority as a privilege rather than a responsibility Opposition continuously change their loyalties to get into the government 2. Opposition In our political culture opposition always means 'contradiction for the sake of contradiction .'

3. Disrespect for Democratic Institutions :

3. Disrespect for Democratic Institutions Strong democratic institutions are a vital part of a strong nation. Whether it is judiciary, press or constitution our politicians use them freely for their purposes .

4. Cult of Personality :

4 . Cult of Personality Pakistani politics is dominated by personalities. The political parties rely on personalities instead of principles leaders make parties. Their personal conflicts damage national and party politics.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Bureaucracy and army have always played a key role in government making. Opposition parties and anti government elements support them for their own benefits. 5.The Role of Extra Political Forces

6. Disappointing Performance of Assemblies :

6. Disappointing Performance of Assemblies Political leaders take less interest in day to day proceedings of assemblies and are found absent. They are more concerned about their perks and privileges.

7. law and order condition :

7. law and order condition Law and order condition in Karachi NATO attack

8. Corruption:

8. Corruption Kurt Cobain “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption .” Pakistan is ranked 46 th most corrupt country out of 180 countries and its CPI is 2.5




CONT… Democracy cannot flourish if power is concentrated in a few hands. A government can act well if it is free from external pressures . T he power of feudal lords must be cut down Judiciary must be given real freedom and should be some checks and balances on president and prime minister

PowerPoint Presentation:


Energy Crisis:

Energy Crisis


Introduction Energy is considered to be life line of any economy and most vital instrument of socioeconomic development of a country.

Pakistan’s Energy Sector:

Pakistan’s Energy Sector Pakistan’s energy infrastructure is not well developed, rather it is considered to be underdeveloped and poorly managed. Currently the country is facing severe energy crisis .

Causes of Energy Crisis:

Causes of Energy Crisis Increase in population Enhancement in lifestyle Industrial and agricultural growth Greater transportation needs Non Technical staff


CONT… 6 . Corruption 7. Old equipment of power generation 8. Old wiring for transmission of electricity 9. Illegal connections

Solutions of Energy Crisis:

Solutions of Energy Crisis Saving unnecessary energy usage Electricity saving devices Awareness campaign for energy saving Installation of effective equipment Developing new energy resources Using renewable resources (water) by constructing new dams and hydro power plants Import of natural gas Utilizing alternative energy resources

PowerPoint Presentation:

HINZA RIAZ 10070621-045

Food crises in Pakistan :

Food crises in Pakistan

Causes Of Food Crisis:

Causes Of Food Crisis Devastating floods In Pakistan Global Wheat Crisis Land Related Problems Inefficient And Ineffective Use Of Irrigation Water


CONT… 5. Use Of Low Quality Seed 6. Improper Use Of Fertilizers Credit 7. Financial Limitations 8. Inter-regional Inequity Poor Rural Infrastructure Overpopulation and Food Inflation

The Situation in Pakistan:

The Situation in Pakistan 20% increase in wheat prices b/w November 2007 and February 2008. Food and beverage prices had risen 14.7% from October 2006 to October 2007 One-half of Pakistan’s population is considered to be “food insecure,”

Additional local factors in Pakistan:

Additional local factors in Pakistan Hoarding by speculating millers and retailers Breakdown of the joint family system, putting nuclear families at greater risk when they face economic difficulty.

The Wheat Crisis:

The Wheat Crisis In 2007, Pakistan experienced its first wheat crisis. That was the year which saw food and grain prices rise by 83 percent. By 2008, the price of wheat had increased from 15 rupees per kilogram to 25 rupees per kilogram. In an attempt to make quick profits the government exploited this dismal situation to its fullest.

Floor crises :

Floor crises The flour crisis has intensified as people facing hardships to buy the essential food item on increased price. In Karachi wheat flour, ghee and edible oil have not been available at most of the utility stores. The flour if available at a utility store being sold at Rs.155 ten kilogram instead of the official rate of Rs. 130/-


CONT… The flour price in Zhob, Mastung, Loralai and other parts of Baluchistan has hiked, while the food item is unavailable at utility stores in Quetta and other cities of the province. The chief minister of Baluchistan has issued directives to the concerned officials for action against hoarders and called report on the issue within two days.

Sugar crisis:

Sugar crisis A study revealed that more than 65 per cent farmers have decreased the total area under cane production due to water shortage, behavior of the mills’ management, late payments, increased input cost, and diseases and rodent attack.


CONT… Another main reason was the hoarding from the producer side which played important role in the rising of sugar prices.



Suggestions :

Suggestions The situation requires a paradigm change where individual hunger be perceived as a national security threat. Such a paradigm shift would result in greater resources being channeled to improve food security. National Food Security Strategy (NFSS) should be chalked out to address the issues of food insecurity in Pakistan.

Financial crisis of Pakistan:

Financial crisis of Pakistan 10070621-001

Causes :

Causes Following are the reasons due to which Pakistan is passing through this age of dilemma. Low revenues Security expenditures Low investment Payment of loans High inflation

Low revenues:

Low revenues The basic root of all problems is “low revenues”. And the basic cause of low revenues is Low Taxes . Tax theft is common in Pakistan.. Finance Ministry Abdul Hafez Sheikh projected the deficit for 2010/11 at 5.1 percent of GDP. ( Dawn news, 2011/06/03)

Security expenditures:

Security expenditures Pakistan's defense spending has exceeded budgetary limits for the first six months of current fiscal by about Rs 60 billion due to the enhanced expenditure on the war on terror and the military's prolonged engagements in the tribal belt .( published in indianexpress, Mon Feb 21 2011 )


CONT… FBR Chairman Salman Siddique has said, “Everyone in Pakistan criticizes, but none is prepared to pay tax. The entire amount thus collected is spent on defense and payment of loans.” (

Low investment:

Low investment Investment we lost investor because of global economic situation ,financial markets collapse the external demand for its exports and decline in availability of external capital to finance in growth process of the country.

High Inflation :

High Inflation Pakistan is experiencing double-digit inflation. The surge in prices witnessed during the start of fiscal year 2008-09 pushed the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) in Pakistan to a record level of 25.3 percent in August 2008. Now a days its round about 18 percent.

Payment of loans:

Payment of loans The support from the international Monetary Fund is a key impetus to this stabilization process. National Assembly (NA) standing committee on economic affairs told that foreign loans payable by Pakistan have surpassed 60 billion dollars .(Pakistantoday, Friday, 8 Jul 2011 5:53 pm)

Suggestions :

Suggestions To control this situation Pakistan is taking and will have to take some steps. Tax system should be clear and every one(eligible) should pay tax. Government expenditures should be cut off. Meetings should be held in moderate way and leaders should travel in economy class.

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