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Instructions to assis library patrons to create a hotmail account.


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How to create a new Hotmail e-mail account: 

How to create a new Hotmail e-mail account Many people use hotmail accounts when signing up for various web services e.g. sending electronic greeting cards or signing up for a newsletter. This is a strategy for protecting your important e-mail account while still trying out various subscription sites available on the web.

About hotmail: 

About hotmail Hotmail is a web based e-mail service powered by MSN that you can use to send and receive e-mail. To use hotmail, you must use a web browser to connect to the hotmail site. No matter where you are in the world, if you can connect to the Internet, you can access your hotmail account. Portability makes web based e-mail a valuable resource for people who travel or do not have a computer on which to use e-mail. You can have several hotmail accounts by using different usernames.

Go to the Hotmail web site: 

Go to the Hotmail web site Type into the Address Bar Because you don’t already have a hotmail account you must click on Signup. We are going to choose the Windows Live Hotmail, so click on Get it.

Choose a username: 

Choose a username Type a user name into the part in front of the @ Change the part after the @ sign to Chances are that most common names are already taken. To check this click on Check Availability.

Check availablity of your username: 

Check availablity of your username When you see the green text your choice of username is available. When you see the red text your choice of username is not available. Add something else to make the username more unique

Type your password: 

Type your password The strength of the password is indicated. You can strengthen it by using some letters and numbers. You can also try a mix of upper and lower case letters. But… Don’t make it so hard you can’t remember it. You won’t see the letters when you type a password Type a password

Password reset information: 

Password reset information A common problem with email is that people forget their passwords. So hotmail asks you for some information so that they can identify you and reset your password for you. The fields with the * are required fields. The user must put something in the field. Type an answer in the Secret answer field. This cannot be the same as your username or password.

Add your details: 

Add your details Choose from the Drop Down Menu

Type in the code: 

Type in the code Type the code you see in this box You’re asked to type in this code to prove you are a human and not a machine trying to hack into the hotmail server. Click here if you can’t read the code..

Read and accept the agreement : 

Read and accept the agreement Click on I accept

Choose the classic version: 

Choose the classic version Click on Give me the classic version

View your new account: 

View your new account This is a welcome message from hotmail.

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