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Presenation of Human Resource Development at University of Illinois, 2009.


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ADKAROD Templates : 

ADKAROD Templates Dynamic Diversity

Overview of ADKAR Model : 

Overview of ADKAR Model A goal oriented management model that allows change management teams to focus their activities on specific business results. ADKAR was first published by Prosci, an independent research company in 1998 after research with more than 300 companies undergoing major change projects. INTRO

Five Key Goals of ADKAR Model : 

Five Key Goals of ADKAR Model Awareness of the need to change Desire to participate and support the change Knowledge of how to change and what the change look like Ability to implement the change on a day-to-day basis Reinforcement to keep the change in place INTRO

Framework of ADKAR : 

Framework of ADKAR Retrieved from INTRO

Usefulness of ADKAR Model : 

Usefulness of ADKAR Model Diagnose employee resistance to change Help employees transition through the change process Create a successful action plan for personal and professional advancement during change Develop a change management plan for your employees INTRO

Exercise of ADKAR : 

Exercise of ADKAR Identify a change you are having difficulty making in another person(work associate, a friend, or family member) Be sure you select a change you have been trying to make happen in a colleague, friend, or family member that is not working regardless of your continued efforts. Answer and assign a score for the following questions.

Slide 7: 

Awareness List the reasons you believe the change is necessary. Review these reasons and rate the degree to which the person you are trying to change is aware of the reasons or need to change(1-5 where 1 is no awareness and 5 is total awareness) ①

Slide 8: 

Desire ② List the factors or consequences (good and bad) for this person that create a desire to change. Consider these motivating factors, including the person’s conviction in these factors and the associated consequences. Rate his/her desire to change on a 1-5 scale.

Slide 9: 

Knowledge ③ List the skills and knowledge needed to support the change, including if the person has a clear picture of what the change looks like. Rate this person’s knowledge or level of training in these areas on a 1 to 5 scale.

Slide 10: 

Ability ④ Considering the skills and knowledge identified in the previous question, evaluate the person’s ability to perform these skills or act on this knowledge. Rate this person’s ability to implement the new skills, knowledge and behaviors to support the change on a 1-5 scale.

Slide 11: 

Reinforcement ⑤ List the reinforcements that will help to retain the change. Are incentives in place to reinforce the change and make it stick? Rate the reinforcements as helping support the change on a 1-5 scale.

Worksheet of ADCAR : 

Worksheet of ADCAR Which was the first area to score less than 3? You must address this area before anything else is done.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Both organization and individual change management Organizational awareness Desire to change Knowledge and ability Reinforce the change Business goal for managing changes

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