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We are known for developing Augmented Reality Applications for Android and iOS. Our team helps provide a better experience to users by leveraging custom augmented reality solutions. It provides you with better mobile app development services that will give you a Will give exceptional performance.


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It is the first computer vision to understand what is in the world around the user by the contents of the user's camera feed. It can show relevant digital content that users are watching. All this digital content is then shown realistically so that it is shown to all users as part of the real world which is called rendering. Augmented Reality works by connecting graphics, smell, process and sound to the natural world as it exists fully. Both cell phones and video games are fully driving the development of augmented reality using it to many others like tourists. The ability to apply computer-generated graphics provides great benefits. How Does Augmented Reality Work


H istory of Augmented R eality Although one can easily find out about augmented reality as it was revealed through the Pokémon Go game launched on mobile in 2016 but the truth is that AR is 50 to 60 years old today as it was built in 60 And it was done in the 70s, which was used to visualize the technology landscape and it is growing today. The first head mounted display system for augmented reality was made in 1968 by Ivan Sutherland.


Benefits of Investing In AR Development Augmented Reality brings new ways for all users to share information and improve engagement capabilities that help users improve and enhance business needs. It is a mix of virtual and physical worlds with all elements of the real world. Sound and graphics, which enhance computer-generated conceptual information to present As with others, its marketability and educative can accelerate the user's business functions and get new ways to promote the products. It can learn new activities that will make the user work Can make it convenient.


How to C reate an AR Application Augmented Reality application has an innovative technology that provides an enhanced view of the real world around the user. Embedding is created through a kind of augmented reality application that provides a live camera image in which vision-based Through the recognition algorithm is displayed on the user's camera preview screen. Augmented Reality can use the Qualcomm Vuforia SDK which is one of the best SDKs for building vision-based AR apps for many other devices such as mobiles and tablets. It is currently available for Android, EOS, and Unity. It helps all developers to concentrate fully.


AR Development Service Expertise If you are looking for better technology firms to make your business an attractive augmented reality application then Nex Mobility is the right choice. It is a company offering attractive augmented reality solutions for all the industries. Nex Mobility has a better developers team for augmented reality. This team is committed to providing all types of services. Nex Mobility in India provides the best services for augmented reality app development .


Technology Expertise Augmented Reality helps find solutions for almost all the industry. It is an important platform. Technological advances in the augmented reality sector have skyrocketed earlier it was used only for gaming but now it is used in other places like healthcare. New technology with mobile solutions are followed to deliver the best and most efficient technology components. When we create augmented reality, we aim to bring definite business benefits.


Recognition - Based AR Recognition-based augmented reality is focused on the recognition of objects, it gives us better knowledge of things. It allows you to scan barcodes and QR codes as you use object recognition technology when you use your mobile. Augmented reality has various uses of recognition-based technology, one of which is to detect all the objects on the front of a camera and provide information about the object on your screen to identify another type of recognition based AR application object and make it any Used to replace with another item.


AR Apps for Android & iOS Augmented Reality has sounded like all the future concept for quite some time but all it takes is years of technology. Augmented Reality is computer generated images that use it to create a holistic view and promote the real world ARKit is the most Uses are running on Apple's iOS. ARCore is for Android which is considered to be the future of Android.


AR Integration To E-commerce Talking about e-commerce technology, today many technologies are improving the user experience, which will be adopted immediately by the e-commerce or online industry to sell products. In which shopkeepers cannot touch and feel the products. With the use of augmented reality technology, all-digital information can change the human experience. By using AR technology in the industry, 40% of consumers will be ready to spend more on the product as it provides a reality experience.


AR Game App Development Augmented reality has always been used to improve business and change the way we interact with technology. The use of AR technology has improved the number of technologies related to IoT, which has led to a rapid change in the consumer. Augmented reality games have created huge leaps in the market. Today AR games are leaving a big impression to target the gaming market with gaming franchises around the world.


Location - Based AR Location-based AR mainly relies on other technologies such as GPS and digital compass to allow the user to identify their phone's position and position with a high degree of accuracy. Augmented Reality is available to all mobile device owners. Location-based AR works through your mobile application . Your app sends a query to the sensor in which the app compares its received data with points of interest and defines the user when your app receives the required data.


Business Potential and AR investments Augmented Reality has been around for years but small businesses have recently realized their significant potential as a marketing tool. Today augmented reality has expanded its scope and capabilities, making it much easier for small industry solutions to find users. The biggest gain is the use of augmented reality technology, there has been an increase of up to 40% in investment.


Augmented Healthcare The use of AR technology has improved the quality of all treatments a patient receives and helps the healthcare professionals better serve the healthcare industry by breaking all complex concepts into 3D forms to improve their performance. Medical training that Can improve efficiency that is right from the surgery of the doctor to the operation of the MRI device.


Get Full Cycle AR/VR Development 0 50 100 150 2 00 250 3 00 350 4 00 Market size in billion U.S dollars AR / VR is two of the best and most important technologies that will define our future. While augmented reality is created digitally in the real world via mobile to users, today it is AR / VR high demand in both technology industries. It is expected to reach revenues of US $ 192 billion for the AR / VR market in 2022.


Types of Augmented Reality App Development: The better part of augmented reality is that it is very accessible to ordinary users. AR technology companies make all users experience augmented reality with the help of smartphones. It is prevalent in various verticals that have globalized businesses to new heights. With the help of augmented reality, many other developments like technology development have made augmented reality mobile application development the most important and suitable for various purposes, so let us see the types of augmented reality. 1 . Marker-Based Augmented Reality 2 . Marker-less Augmented Reality 3 . Projection Augmented Reality 4 . Superimposition Based Augmented Reality


Vuforia ARCore Apple ARKit Kudan Wikitude 5 Major Augmented Reality Development Tools:


Augmented Reality (AR) Use Case Examples SHOPPING In this, the buyer can change the different color and style before purchasing so that the buyer can use AR technology to see how the item will look like in their environment, through which the user will be able to better understand how the product will work and how it works.


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