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"Ionizer Systems deals in best KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer ionizer machine in India. It helps to increase the natural healing ability and vitality in the human body and to neutralize human body's unwanted acidic waste. "


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Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Website: Phone: 965-493-9970

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The hexagonal water with great reducing capacity The water that is quickly absorbed into the human body and rich in active hydrogen The water that has smallest the water molecules (clusters) which is the best water Alkaline Water Is….

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We are exclusive importers of water ionizers in India which are manufactured by KYK, South Korea. KYK is a leading manufacturer of ionizers throughout the world and due to our focus and hard work on marketing of Ionizers in India from last three years we have been rapidly able to make people aware about benefits of alkaline water. If you have any query related to WATER IONIZER... We are available   CONTACT US  About Us

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Alkaline Water has Reduction Energy, Minerals, and Dissolved Power

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We filled each of the two beakers with normal water and electrolyzed water (for experimental purposes), respectively, and dropped 5 ~ 6 drops of pH indicating agent. The more purple water becomes, the more alkaline it is; the redder or more yellow water becomes, the more acidic it is. pH Confirmation

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Brown-rice green tea does not draw easily in general cold water. It draws so well in reducing water, however. The taste is softer and more flavorful than tea in any other water, and you can draw one tea-bag up to four or five times in reducing water. Green-Tea Experiment

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General water does not dissolve fat: it only separates fat. However, soaking a piece of meat in reducing water for 30 minutes or so completely dissolves the fat of the meat. Before you barbecue or cook food using meat, soak the meat in alkaline reducing water for about 30 minutes. It will reduce the fatty flavor and taste of the meat. Meat Experiment

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Benefits Of Alkaline Water Ionizer

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Contact Us Website: Phone: 965-493-9970 Email:

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