What is so special about the new freedom fibre

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What is so special about the new freedom fibre

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www.inviya.com Textile industry is always evolving towards a material that speaks strength and fashion in the same tone. This is why spandex appeared to be revolutionary in this scenario. But spandex in itself di dn’t have that fashionable appeal of the natural and other composite fibres. The new freedom fibre by Inviya defies the norm by bringing together the comfort of natural fibres and strength of spandex together to form a fibre that is not just super strong but versatile and fashion forward. The reasons why this innovation of Indorama Industries ltd. Is taking the markets by storm are:

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www.inviya.com The new freedom fibre by Indorama industries is a fibre with exceptional durability. Its robustness during textile capabilities and weaving can be credited to the core of spandex which gives it capacity to resist higher temperatures and stress that comes with high speed spinning. 1. Robustness

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www.inviya.com Inviya fashion fibre is exceptionally elastic. It can retain its shape and size even after being under stress for longer durations and this is because it has high modulus. This feature of the fibre is used widely in making fashion wear and knitwear that needs to be well fitted and retain the fit after multiple washes. 2. Elasticity

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www.inviya.com 3. Blending and mixing The new freedom fibre is also sought after because it can be easily blended and combined with a number of other staple fibres and hence be used in manufacturing apparel with composite properties. The best example of this is Skinny denims which need to be soft on skin and stretchy to fit.

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www.inviya.com 4. Comfort on so many levels The fact that Inviya fibre expands allows it to create the perfect fit on your body accentuating all the right curves makes it a fashion forward choice. The right fit helps boosting confidence about yourself and the comfort and breathability with the resulting fabric get you comfort like never before.

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www.inviya.com 5. The versatile product New freedom fibre Inviya cannot just be used as a basic material for fashion wear spandex aided properties also make it a forward choice for manufacture of sportswear and other athletic wear. This is also used in manufacturing shape wear and other garment components like bra cups and panty hose etc. Not only is it versatile originating from a name like Indorama Industries Ltd they give you the credibility factor as icing on the cake

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