5 Reasons why Inviya is the best textile raw material in India

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All textile manufacturers in India always look for something that is versatile when it is made into a fabric, and as well is cost effective


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India is a diverse country with an even more diverse sense of style. Which is why choosing a suitable textile raw material is always a tough job here. All textile manufacturers always look for something that is versatile when it is made into a fabric and as well is cost effective. After several revolutions in the textile industry we finally have Inviya a fibre that gives freedom of style. Read on to find out how

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1. Spandex Inviya is a fibre derived from spandex in which the fibre is formed from a long chain synthetic polymer. Stronger than rubber it is known for its exceptional strength and elasticity.

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2. Durable: Considering daily usage in weather conditions like India we all want some fabric that is durable and stylish at the same time. Spandex is a material that has immense stretch ability and at the same time it is highly durable due to high retractile force.

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3. Comfort: Fashion goals are when stylish becomes comfortable. In garments like hosiery swimwear fashion and active wear one needs a fabric that is not only well fitted but breathable and comfortable Indian spandex manufactures of Inviya call it ‘the freedom fibre’ because it has all these features.

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4. Shape wear and compression garments: In shape wear and compression garments one needs a fibre that can maintain its shape even after being compressed hence spandex is greatly used as a textile raw material in India for manufacturing garments like surgical hose and bras.

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5. Versatility: Indian spandex manufacturers see a bright future for the same in India as our country is progressing towards an economy of forward individuals with diverse fashion choices and needs. Spandex is a versatile fibre and can be used to make fabric suitable for needs of the consumer in a variety of ways while offering freedom of styling and comfort at the same time. Not just that spandex shall be revolutionary as a good textile raw material since it is durable and the garments manufactured from it shall be good value for money.

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