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As many organizations spend a lot of their money for manufacturing and storing products, inventory tracking becomes essential. If proper cautions and care is not taken, the companies or organizations can face heavy losses, which is why premium inventory control tags can help in tracking inventories. With the use of such tags, organizations can monitor losses and save their resources.

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The tags contain important information like- product type, date, price and the name of the person who is managing it. To make the products easily identifiable, many organizations use their own logos and names as inventory control tags. These tags have a unique number or barcode with which inventory checking can be made possible with a barcode reader.

Slide 4: is a leading online store which excels in selling world’s best inventory control tags. It manufactures and offers high quality tags and labels at very affordable prices. It is known for supplying a wide collection of inventory tags like accepted tags, combo inventory tag/ label designs, ‘OK’ tags, receiving tags, scrap tags, repairable or rework tags, rejected tags, 2-part blank tags, OK to ship tags, returned good tags etc.

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These tags serve various purposes like the accepted tags are used for counting the items on a shelf and combo inventory tags can be used on items with an adhesive backing strip.

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About has been in the business of inventory control tags for several years. This store provides customization facility to the customers so that they can design tags and labels as per their requirements. The store does not charge any fee for designing.

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The inventory control tags provided by this store can bear harsh weather conditions. The store does not charge any handling costs for order above than $50. For getting more information about inventory control tags, please browse through

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Contact us @ A SmartSign Store 32 Court Street, Suite 2200 Brooklyn, NY 11201 Phn: 800-952-1457 Fax: 718-504-4448

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