Inventory Control Tags- To Manage Inventory With Ease And Efficiency


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Inventory Control Tags- To Manage Inventory With Ease And Efficiency

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Inventory refers to the sum total of materials and/or goods that a company has in stock at a particular period of time. Inventory management is the process of maintaining record on a regular basis of the stock available with a company.

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Managing inventory is essential for business houses so that they can get a precise idea of the items in their stock and keep a check on the losses. Also, inventory management plays a vital role in maximizing the profits of a company. Inventory control tags are affixed to the stocked products or items for making the whole process of inventory management simple, efficient and hassle free.

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Various user friendly inventory tags can be availed from the market at very reasonable prices. Some of the popular tags used for inventory are multi-part tags, custom tags, accepted tags, 2-part blank tags, rejected tags, combo tags, weather-proof tags, "OK" tags, scrap tags, receiving tags, repairable or rework tags and OK to ship tags. These tags are ideal for catering to the varied demands of the clients.

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The inventory control tags possess clearly printed bold letters along with sufficient writable space. This gives an advantage to the inventory managers for efficiently scribbling down the information related to the products. The inventory control tags are fabricated from high grade material and therefore, possess qualities like longevity, puncture proof, weatherproof, tear proof, etc. Thus, inventory control tags can endure harsh industrial conditions and remain affixed to the products for longer time duration.

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Inventory control tags help in tracking the inventory items at different stages including the stages of quality inspection, production, shipping, transportation, etc. The information such as logo of a company, name of the product, status of the products, code of the product, etc. is displayed upon the inventory tags.

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These inventory control tags can be customized as per the needs of the organizations. Buyers are given various options for selecting inventory tags of their choice. They can pick up inventory tags in different colors, sizes, designs and materials. Also, the customers can customize the messages, graphics, text fonts, etc. on these tags as per their requirements.

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There are various benefits of using customized inventory control tags. Companies using inventory tags can easily figure out the status of current inventory and can predict future sales as well. If some of the items get misplaced, they can be easily identified with the help of tags attached to them. Also, the tags having company’s name and logo on them are ideal for company’s brand promotion.

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