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InventaTeq is providing 100% Guaranteed JOB Placements & Real time Training courses on Software Testing, Digital Marketing, PHP & Mysql, Oracle SOA, Core .NET and Advanced .NET and JAVA training facility in BTM, Bangalore. We have helped Freshers, Working Professionals incorporate the Knowledge in to their Minds through hands-on Real time training giving them 100% Placements.


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Big Data: A definition:

Big Data: A definition Big data is the realization of greater business intelligence by storing, processing, and analyzing data that was previously ignored due to the limitations of traditional data management technologies

Why Big Data:

Why Big Data G rowth of Big Data is needed Increase of storage capacities Increase of processing power Availability of data(different data types) Every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data; 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone

How Is Big Data Different?:

How Is Big Data Different ? 1) Automatically generated by a machine (e.g. Sensor embedded in an engine) 2) Typically an entirely new source of data (e.g. Use of the internet) 3) Not designed to be friendly (e.g. Text streams) 4) May not have much values Need to focus on the important part

How Big data impacts on IT:

How Big data impacts on IT Big data is a troublesome force presenting opportunities with challenges to IT organizations. By 2015 4.4 million IT jobs in Big Data ; 1.9 million is in US itself India will require a minimum of 1 lakh data scientists in the next couple of years in addition to data analysts and data managers to support the Big Data space.

Benefits of Big Data:

Benefits of Big Data Real-time big data isn’t just a process for storing petabytes or exabytes of data in a data warehouse, It’s about the ability to make better decisions and take meaningful actions at the right time. Fast forward to the present and technologies like Hadoop give you the scale and flexibility to store data before you know how you are going to process it. Technologies such as MapReduce,Hive and Impala enable you to run queries without changing the data structures underneath.

Benefits of Big Data:

Benefits of Big Data Our newest research finds that organizations are using big data to target customer-centric outcomes, tap into internal data and build a better information ecosystem. Big Data is already an important part of the $64 billion database and data analytics market It offers commercial opportunities of a comparable scale to enterprise software in the late 1980s And the Internet boom of the 1990s, and the social media explosion of today.

Future of Big Data:

Future of Big Data $15 billion on software firms only specializing in data management and analytics. This industry on its own is worth more than $100 billion and growing at almost 10% a year which is roughly twice as fast as the software business as a whole. In February 2012, the open source analyst firm Wikibon released the first market forecast for Big Data , listing $5.1B revenue in 2012 with growth to $53.4B in 2017 The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that data volume is growing 40% per year, and will grow 44x between 2009 and 2020.

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