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Create Your First Interactive Experience with Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk of IntuiFace Interactive touch screen kiosks are becoming a staple in different industries and organizational settings. Thanks to multi-touch technology user-interaction is faster and a lot more seamless and enjoyable as people are provided with a revolutionary surface interface that allows for multiple finger contact points. This translates to multi-point interactivity that enables users the same advanced functions as their mobile devices ranging from fast scrolling and pinch to zoom to even more intuitive gesturing commands. All of these result in more intuitive experiences as well as more meaningful interaction between consumers target audiences and host organizations. The wealth of multi-touch kiosk technologies nowadays helps make these conveniences more accessible for businesses and organizations. Development has always been focused on enhancing user-experiences and providing support for more informed engaging and an overall more effective transaction experience. By enhancing user-experience organizations enjoy increased confidence and user satisfaction which further translate to positive bottom lines. Interactive multi-touch kiosks are changing the way consumers interact with healthcare government and all other types of organizations including retail businesses. They help bring the convenience of every-day media devices like smartphones and tablets into large digital displays so that they can provide the same intuitive interaction and ease of use as their handheld counterparts. What’s even more impressive about modern touch screen kiosks is that they allow for multi-user interactivity so multiple users can come up to the device and interact with its programs using the same screen. This allows for endless possibilities and opportunities for way finding educational sales user-feedback and even amusement applications. These modern tools allow for highly personalized experiences that help increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. One of the major hindrances that has kept organizations from getting the most out of interactive kiosks is the high cost of content development. Fortunately today touch screen kiosks are not only more affordable to purchase and own but also to run and maintain. With tools like IntiuFace you can easily create content in-house without the need to outsource talent just to make the most out of your hardware investment. IntuiFace offers an easy to use no-code content creation and management platform that allows you to create and deploy highly intuitive applications and digital interactive experiences that attract people’s attention and keep them engaged. IntuiFace powered touch screen kiosks can be extremely beneficial to your business or organization providing users personalized experiences that make your brand unforgettable. About the Author: This article is written by David Kyalo a successful technical writer. He is interested in and fascinated by

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technical topics. He writes unique articles on touch screen technology and specializes in finding practical touch screen software solutions.

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