Interlocking Vs Traditional Floor Tiles


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Here you can find difference between interlocking and traditional floor tiles. International ceramicas one of the top floring tiles shop in adelaide. Which give the best flooring tiles at affodable price. Further details please call at 08 8431 6777 or visit this site:


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● Why do people prefer tiles flooring They do it because tiles give supreme looks to the home. Moreover they are durable and easy to clean. ● However picking the right tile is not always easy. You need to do some research and study to reach some conclusion. ● Sometimes you can’t arrive at a decision and forced to ask some expert. ● The blog makes your task simple by giving a fair idea about two varieties interlocking tiles and traditional floor tiles.

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Comparison based on installation 1 If you intend to have a temporary alteration in the flooring then interlocking tiles would be the best. These tiles are not fixed using adhesive. Hence they can be pulled up as and when needed. 2 Also it is difficult to replace the traditional tiles. In case a tile is damaged you need to pull not only that tile but all the tiles around it. It is a costly affair. 3 Replacing a single tile is quite easy. Traditional tiles need caulking and they are fixed using adhesive. Therefore it is not possible to pull them up. It damages the flooring. 4 Both are used quite popularly and praised by architects interior designers and construction engineers.

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● Interlocking tiles are quite cheaper than the conventional tiles. They don’t need many tools. Sometimes they are placed on the floor directly without any special preparation by hammering with a rubber mallet. ● You don’t need highly skilled professionals to install the interlocking tiles. It reduces the installation cost. ● If you consider the standard tiles then the cost of new flooring is quite high. Also the cost of plywood tools adhesive and skilled resources would be quite significant. Comparison based on pricing

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Comparison based on maintenance

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01 ● Interlocking tiles are not for the industries only as many people think. Indeed they were available in a limited variety earlier but now you can find a wide range of tiles. ● Nowadays you get interlocking tiles made from rubber porcelain vinyl plastic and other high-quality material. Thus you get a variety of choices.

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● As far as cleaning and maintenance are concerned these tiles are quite easy to clean. You can use standard floor cleaners to clean the floor tiles. ● Thus it is clear that interlocking tiles have come out as a great alternative to standard tiles. ● However if your needs are more suitable for conventional tiles then you can prefer them over interlocking tiles.

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It all depends on what you want If you are looking to buy top flooring tiles in Adelaide then please visit International Ceramics or call us at 08 8431 6777. Read More: 1. 7 Best Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas for Bathroom Tiles in Adelaide 2. How to Ensure that Your Cheap Bathroom Tiles are Good Quality

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