How to choose bathroom tiles for a small bathroom?


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Choosing tiles for your bathroom is not an easy task as there are many shapes, sizes, materials and colors found with the suppliers so it becomes very tough for you which tiles to choose. Read here some tips which will will help you in choosing best tiles for your small bathroom easily.


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How to choose bathroom tiles for a small bathroom?

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Bathroom tiles Adelaide

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Best tips for choosing bathroom tile Choosing tiles for the bathroom is not that easy as you think. Since you have a wide range of sizes, styles, shapes, and materials available with the suppliers and dealers; it could be a daunting task . When the possibilities are endless, the selection becomes tougher . However, you have several limitations when you have a small bathroom. You need to think twice before choosing a tile.

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Light colored tiles are good for small bathrooms The color you choose is your absolute personal opinion. However, experts say that when you have a small bathroom, you should follow the scientific concepts . White or other light shades create an illusion of a bigger space. Why does it happen? It happens because there is no ‘visual stop’ when you look at these colors . In the subconscious mind, you get an image that there is something beyond the white color . Hence, it is a right choice to pick light shades or white colored tiles.

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Use large-sized tiles The smaller your tiles are, the more grout you have in the bathroom. You feel like sitting in a cage or box. Use large-sized tiles on the walls as well as flooring . Nowadays, you get one single block of  ceramic tile  that can be installed. Thus, there is no grout at all. You get a clean, tidy bathroom that adds glory to your home . If it is impossible to use large tiles at all, then tint the grout color with the matching shade of the tile. It will reduce the grid effect . It is needless to say that you save some money because less construction material is required.

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Porcelain tiles are  better Have you ever heard about the porcelain tiles? They have less water absorption rate and ideal for small-sized bathrooms. Nowadays, you can get a long range of colors, styles, and designs of the same . Compare it with the  ceramic tiles  available in the same price range and then choose the appropriate one . Ask your architect about it first. He is the person responsible for the appearance and utility of every place in your house . When the bathroom is big, there is no need of putting much brain in deciding the color and pattern of tiles.

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However, in case of a small bathroom, your architects are required to spend some time in thinking. Do not jump to the conclusion hastily. Take your own time and then choose . If you are looking to install best bathroom and ceramic  floor tiles in Adelaide then please visit International Ceramics or call us at  08 8431 6777 . Also Read  : How to Install Ceramic Floor Tiles?


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