A Quick Guide Before Buying Centrifuge System


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Are you planning to buy a centrifuge system? If yes, then there are certain factors that are to be considered before purchasing. Take a look at this infographic and know the important tips about it.


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A Quick Guide Before Buying Centrifuge System


The centrifuge is piece of equipment which is complex but a significant investment for the owners. There are some things that should keep in mind while you are purchasing a centrifuge.


Flow Rate & Operational Speed Maximum flow rates and operational speeds rely on the type of material which is being processed into the machine. Most of the centrifuge machines gives RPMs of 4000-5000 range which is enough for cleaning of the fuels and dewatering.


Centrifuge Materials It is better to know that the machine is designed for what types of liquids or solvents before making any purchase. For handling wastewater and bio fuels, stainless steel bowls and rotors are commonly used whereas carbon fiber is used in case the material is highly corrosive.


Cleaning Requirements These centrifuges are meant for the purpose of providing manual, semi-auto or automatic cleaning. No doubt that auto cleaning feature makes the equipment costly but efficient as well. Manual cleaning is not an accurate choice if you are considering speed only.


Continuous Flow vs Batch Continuous-flow centrifuges reduces the processing time in case of large volumes of liquid and best suited for large-scale processing. Whereas, batch type centrifuges are meant for small volume configuration .

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