Junos Juniper Network Certification Track Program


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Junos Juniper Network Certification Track Program


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Junos Juniper Network Certification Track Program:

Junos Juniper Network Certification Track Program


Juniper networks offer a Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNEP) that consists of various types of checks like written exams, hands-on realistic examinations and trouble-shooting lab tests. This program has the goal of presenting such youthful and skilled people to the internet networking sector who have fairly adequate knowledge about that field. Most notably, these applicants can handle several networking areas, with unique understanding pertaining to the Juniper Networks.


There are 4 primary parts of know-how integrated in this particular Junos Network Certification Track program. These parts consist of Enterprise Routing, Security of the Network, Organization Switching and Firewall/VPN. Applicants have to choose one of these areas in the course of their signing up. After that, they study the basics of that area from Juniper Networks and turn out to be certified Junos Juniper Network Certification Track professionals of that particular field.


Under Juniper Training Courses there are 4 distinct areas of competence out of which the applicant has to choose 1 area. Though inside each competency area, there are yet again 3 various sections which the applicant can study. These sections are expert, professional and affiliate. Numerous internet networking companies respect the Juniper Training Courses certified professionals as extremely proficient and ideal for jobs like network engineers, network supervisors and administrators of the security of the systems.

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