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Let's look at best chlorine alternatives for swimming pool and spas for your swimmers. Why swim in toxic chemicals? When you have healthy chlorine alternatives for pool and spas. Here are best ways of treating your pool water without using chlorine offered by Intec America. Visit-


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Chlorine Alternatives for Swimming Pool and Spa Owners


Bromine Ozonation PHMB Copper Ionization Reduction in Water Temperature U/V Light Ultrafiltration Mineral Water Pool Systems Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Chlorine Alternatives


Best available alternative available. Copper ionization  is an effective option for a chlorine-free pool. There are no residual chemicals which can cause irritation to eyes and skin. It is more cost effective and results in healthy pool water. The copper ionization system comes with an electronic control unit, test kits, and a copper electrode. The ionization process releases metallic ions that are introduced into the water by using a low voltage current. These positively-charged, copper ions are attracted to the negatively-charged bacteria and algae and penetrate their cell membranes. Copper Ionization


Bromine Bromine is used as an alternative to chlorine. However, it has similar properties to that of chlorine and is a halogenic compounds. Also, bromine is more expensive than chlorine. Bromine, just like chlorine, needs to be used in conjunction with other chemicals and additives. It is very difficult to stabilize and does not work well in outdoor pools.


Ozonation You can easily install an ozone generator. It does help reduce the amount of chlorine you use in the pool. It helps degrade organic contaminants. It is not an independent alternative must be used in conjunction with chlorine or another sanitizer. This is because ozone does not have sufficient residual capabilities as the gas is short lived. Also, it is expensive for the initial investment.


PHMB Polyhexamethylenebiguanide or PHMB is developed by certain brands such as Baquacil and Softswim as an effective alternative solution to chlorination. This is a more stable ingredient than chlorine and is not affected by sunlight. It does not irritate the eyes or skin nor does it corrode the walls and floor of the pool. However, it is more expensive than chlorine and so is the maintenance cost of such pools.


U/V Light UV light works as a sanitizer and destroys most germs in the pool, while chlorine maintains the residual effect. Installing a UV light system in your pool can reduce the quantity of chlorine you would have to use and it is effective at reducing chloramines. To get the right size of UV light, you would have to calculate the flow rate of your pool. The internal quartz sleeve must be periodically cleaned or UV efficacy is greatly diminished.


Pristine Blue This is a proprietary technology developed by Earth Science Laboratories. Its main ingredient comprises copper sulfate pentahydrate which constitutes up to 19.8% of its active ingredients. Like ionization, this technology uses the positively charged copper ions to destroy all the negatively charged bacteria and other germs in the pool. It is very effective; however, it is the costliest option to maintain a swimming pool.


Mineral Water Pool Systems These cartridge-based systems consist of minerals/alloys that deactivate algae and other microorganisms as water flows through its chamber. Two common brands are Pool FROG and Nature 2 and can reduce the need for chlorine up to 50%. They are easy to use and low on maintenance as you can refill the mineral cartridges. This system can be simply attached to the PVC pipes of pool systems. The drawback is that chlorine must also be used. The replacement cartridges can be expensive and have to be replaced often on larger pools.


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