The Pros and Cons of Apprenticeships

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Apprenticeships help shape your career with the help of practical training in a field of your choice. Before starting apprenticeships, let's check out the pros and cons of apprenticeships.


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The Pros and Cons of Apprenticeships

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Introduction Apprenticeships are the latest trend in the professional world that is seeking attention from everyone. Apprenticeships are helpful in mapping your career. It not only improves the skills of the apprentices but also makes them more adaptable to the professional world. Lets have a look at some facts and decide yourself whether doing apprenticeships is a good idea or not

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The Pros Apprentice Gains Experience Apprenticeships help you to stay ahead of other university graduates because in apprenticeships hands-on training helps you learn things easily. This will be a positive point for you when you go somewhere else to get a job.

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The Pros You’ll Earn While You Learn As you have decided to gain the knowledge in the desired field youll also get an opportunity to earn while you learn. Monthly wages help you to meet your living requirements. As youre getting paid for what youre doing in apprenticeships this will boost your work efficiency.

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The Pros You’ll Gain a New Qualification When you complete your apprenticeships programme youll receive a recognized certificate that represents you as a knowledgeable and experienced professional to potential employers. This will help you to get a full-time job after completing apprenticeships.

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The Cons You Won’t Experience University Life Choosing apprenticeships is good from the career point of view but one of its disadvantages is that youll miss out to experience the university lifestyle.

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The Cons Be More Responsible Being an apprentice youll be responsible for completing your task timely. You have to reach your workplace on time. So doing an apprenticeship is not an easy task it comes with a lot of responsibility.

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The Cons Fewer Holidays If youre at university youll enjoy long holidays. But when youre enrolled in apprenticeships holidays are short. Youll get off on national holidays only.

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