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Whenever we learn something either we do that with complete dedication and be successful or we take it lightly and be unsuccessful. In the world of web development same is the case with PHP developers. Go through this presentation and get to know the tips which makes a PHP developer a successful full stack developer as well as what makes them unsuccessful.


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Presented by: ADMEC MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE Rohini New Delhi - India

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AN OVERVIEW TO OUR PRESENTATION  Learning anything is not tough if you know how to learn it.  Most of the PHP learners fail because they don’t know how to learn development in it.  In this presentation we are going to have a look a the top tips that one should follow to attain firm command on PHP development and learning. All the tips would be from the expert full stack web developers of our institution.

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1. Have Excellent Knowledge of UI Designing Before starting with PHP . UI of a website is needed. To make that knowledge of HTML and CSS is must. 2. Master of UI Development To have knowledge of developing a UI is a perk or PHP developer. This is the reason why I always guide everyone to join UI development or web design courses before the PHP training.

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3. Ready With an Application UI to Develop in PHP Students who are here to seriously have knowledge about PHP are prepared with the website UI. And are here to move one step forward now. 4. Ajax Always Helps Ajax is always helpful as it helps in providing the service fast. People now a days are busy so this helps in improving user experience by providing fast access of a website.

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5. Follow All the Instructions of the Mentor Dedicated students listen to their instructors and follow them blindly with trust. 6. Every Class is a Challenge so Ask Questions Always make your a class where you ask question after doing your practice. This helps in enhancing the knowledge of other students as well.

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7. Explore More Than the Classes Classes are for specific period of time. When you search for the subject on your own. Then this thing helps in increasing your knowledge. 8. Ready to Walk on Difficult Roads Students who try to do something different and difficult always leads to successful path. Instructors also focus omore on those students.

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9. Peep out at PHP Development Industry To have extra knowledge attend webinars workshop interviews etc. To know what are the latest apps in use related to the PHP . 10. Know the Value of a PHP Portfolio The students who follow all the above points surely leads to the best portfolio. It is very useful at the time of getting jobs.

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CONCLUSION PHP developers are the most wanted in DELHI now a days. fresher has very good pay package i.e. about Rs 15000-Rs 35000 per month. That is why we encourage students to do PHP training course from the best institute in Delhi.

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