How To Increase Instagram Followers On A New Account

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Introduction :

Introduction The third-largest social media platform, Instagram has seen a excessive rise in recent years. Instagram has become one of the most preferred business marketing applications and holds the trust of over 1 billion active users. However, this reputation has also raised a big question for new users. As long as the Instagram viewers find your content valuable, engaging, and appealing, they won’t care about the investment you did on it.

Focus On Your First Impression:

Focus On Your First Impression This part includes the element like your profile pictures, description bio, and more. They are essential because your account doesn't have many reviews and is entirely invisible in the initial stage. They need not be perfect, but they should present a clear message about your brand Further, the images, hashtags , and URL links also compliment the bio and add value to it. 

Get Creative With Hashtagging:

Get Creative With Hashtagging When it comes to Instagram caption ideas, you need to look beyond the one-word, obvious  hashtags . Mix it up and use hashtags to tell part of your story. Be funny, ironic, or outrageous--just don't be BORING. 

Follow Other Brand And Influencers:

Follow Other Brand And Influencers It is a robust strategy that benefits you in more than one way. The accounts that you follow will obviously have some relation to your business. Therefore, the fans follower on that page will also have something in common with your page.  You will have a chance to analyze the patterns, post, and tricks other users are implementing for gaining fans. You can then upgrade your policies to beat these trends and gain leverage over the market.

Go Unique But Consistent:

Go Unique But Consistent Attracting traffic to your account is the first phase of getting followers; the next part is to capture and retain them. The stronger you build these parts, the better will be your results. The best approach to them will be to create a unique theme for your business. Moreover, these settings should present a reflection of your brand and highlight its personality

Regulate Your Post Timings:

Regulate Your Post Timings You have to regulate the timing of your posting. For instance, if your primary target is teenagers, posting during evenings or after dinner time. Posting in the morning is also a good idea. Teenagers usually spend the better part of their day at college or with friends, so they usually don't open Instagram to like a post.  As for the weekends part, the holidays are for parties and outing. So the exposure chances of your post will be minimal

Be There For The Followers:

Be There For The Followers They will gain a few hundred and even a few thousand followers. These followers will begin to share content with you, comment on your post, and sometimes ask you question about your brand.  The responses will help you to set up a more interactive environment, which is very good for building trust. You should also consider live videos and reposting user-developed content on your account.  These tricks will help you to create an emotional connection with your followers.


Conclusion Setting up a new Instagram account is not as complicated as it sounds. Step into the shoe of normal Instagram users, think about their preferences, combine them with the above tricks, and implement them in your account. They will ensure the market you deserve, and also ensure that the question How to increase Instagram followers never bother you ever again.

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