Hyperscale Data Center and Cloud Computing Solutions


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Hyperscale Data Center and Cloud Computing Solutions   Inspur systems that are a part of Inspur Group located in Fremont CA. Since 1945 Inspur                                 system is providing different services and products linked with Information Technology to 85                           countries all around the word. Inspur group has registered three companies doing publically                           trade since 1998. Alibaba and Baidu worldwide are our majority server vendors. Inspur System                             Inc. has three groups that are mention below     1. Inspur Information 2. Inspur Software 3. Inspur International     The major products of Inspur systems are servers storage Rack system HPC and MDC. We are                                 one of those best companies which rank on No. 5th in the world and No. 1 in china. Rackscale                                       platform server of our company is the selected by the top level companies of the world for                                   hyperscale datacenter.     Types of Inspur Servers   ●  1U   ● 2U  ● 4U  ● 8­Way High performance servers  ● Multi­Node Servers  ● Microservers  ● Blade Servers  ● Mission Critical  ● HANA Certified Servers

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Types of Inspur Storage   ● Storage Server  ● Enterprise Storage      Inspur Rack Systems   ● SmartRack  ● InCloudRack    Inspur HPC   The Basic objective of High performance computing is handling the latest updated versions of                             applications and programs effectively and efficiently. Speed of HPC is equal to one trillion                             floating –point per second.    Inspur Modular DataCenter   It is a system in which user transfer data by a transferable port. Modular Data center available                                   at anyplace where the data storage is required      Hyperscale data center   Hyperscale data center is basically built to distribute large scale data or distribute storage.                             Hyperscale data center reduce complexity and it is open source in­house and it’s almost for                               everything. In Hyperscale data center there is less risk reduce cost and Increase sustainability.                             Even Hyperscale data center is more secure.    Rack level architecture   Rack level architecture provides us option for changing single rack components instead of                           complete cabinet. Our company provides two types of Rack systems    ● Smart Rack  ● InCloudRack    Rack level architecture is quick to replace and install more reliable low cost and take less                                 energy. Rack level architecture is easy to fit anywhere and occupy less space.  High efficiency data center

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High efficiency data center is basically design for a data center that consume less energy as                                 compare to other data centers. We design most High efficient data center in the world and we                                   are proud on that. The High efficient data center design by our company has minimum effect of                                   climatic change on data.    Inspur Systems Inc. Address: 3347 Gateway Blvd Fremont CA 94538 Email: ​ USASalesinspur.com Tel: 1-800-697-5893 Website: ​ www.inspursystems.com Support: 1-844-860-0011 Sales: 1-800-697-5893

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