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Boost the performance of your small business with great control over inventory. Controlling the flow of stock in warehouse is necessary for small business. Inventory control system reduces the headaches caused by bad control of inventory. A project manager can easily handle the inventory with this software. This system provides the feature of attaching invoices and this compatibility helps in making effective documents with proper details. It is an easy to handle and cost efficient system for small business. It will give you an amazing experience of inventory control like never before.


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Presented By Simon Burgess info@insight360.co.uk 8 The Courtyard, Harris Business Park, Bromsgrove, B60 4DJ +44 - 844-870-7873 http://stock.insight360.co.uk/ 360 Insight Stock Manage your stock

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What is Inventory Management System Benefits of Inventory Management System Inflow of Inventory Management 360 Insight Stock Features of 360 Insight stock Customized Dashboard Products Sales Quotes Purchases People Notification Settings Reports Generate Invoices Android App to Manage Inventory from your hands Why Choose us Contact US 360 Insight Stock Course of Content

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Inventory Control software system is a Web-based system for tracking inventory, orders, sales and deliveries. Inventory control, a similar term, is the area of inventory management that is concerned with minimizing the total cost of inventory while maximizing the ability to provide customers with product in a timely manner. In some countries the two terms are used as synonyms. 360 Insight Stock What is Inventory Management System ?

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Eliminate manual inventory management processes thereby reducing errors and lead time . Provides managers easy access to the numbers that are needed for reporting and restocking information.  Provides complete real-time visibility into demand, supply, costs and fulfillment measures and trends . Significantly improve your relationships with suppliers, vendors and partners by providing self service and real-time visibility .  360 Insight Stock Benefits of Inventory Management System

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360 Insight Stock Inflow of Inventory Management Basic-Data Flow Diagram Of Inventory Control System

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Insight STOCK is one of a suite of software packages created by Tec-ID designed to make your business more productive. Tec-ID are a well-known supplier of integrated Auto ID systems providing a wide range of barcode scanning based hardware, associated software, wireless infrastructure systems and installation and support services. If it is a full turn-key project approach that is right for your business, please contact us on 0844 870 7873 or email info@tec-id.com. 360 Insight Stock Who We Are?

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Customized Dashboard Stock Control Software Dashboard is user configurable using which you can keep the things you want on the home screen. Allows you to access the key performance indicators for your business Stock Alerts or Picking Failures are immediately recognizable Process efficiency can be displayed graphically to measure trends. 360 Insight Stock Features

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Products The Insight Stock Products Tab is where you can set up your inventory items. Offer Standard, combo and digital products Feature to add, edit, delete & view (with reports ) Our inventory Barcode Scanner can perform Inventory Counts, Stock Takes, and Partial Counts Allows importing by CSV, adjust quantity and update bulk price. 360 Insight Stock Features

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Sales You can add, edit, delete, & view Sales , Insight stock360 stock ordering system efficiently record delivery order for Sales and return Sales . Option of Multiple add, edit, delete & print payments  Receive payment online  (PayPal & Skrills ) Add , sell, edit, delete and print Gift Cards   360 Insight Stock Features

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Quotes Allows you to Add, edit, delete & view quotes Add Sale or Purchase from quotes  Download as pdf and email quotes . Insight stock360 is specially design for peoples looking for inventory control software for small business . 360 Insight Stock Features

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Purchases You can Add, edit, delete & view purchases , Make multiple add, edit, delete and print payments  Can add, edit, delete & print expenses  Adding purchase by CSV file is also allowed. 360 Insight Stock Features

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Peoples Add staff users and related actions  Add Billers according to your selling company Include Customers & Suppliers with import by CSV option. 360 Insight Stock Features

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Notifications   Receive real-time notifications of stock Get all the staff notifications  Get alerts for all customer notifications Send notifications to clients by email Staff & customer notifications option 360 Insight Stock Features

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8. Settings Easily set correct settings of the system as you need , Option to manage logo, currencies, categories, variants, warehouses  Also manage tax rates,customer groups, email templates, group permissions, backups and updates. 360 Insight Stock Features

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Reports Overview and warehouse stock chart, product quantity and expiry alerts , Get Custom Reports daily, monthly of sales, payments , purchases, profits or loss  Reports of suppliers, staff, customers according to categories 360 Insight Stock Features

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Generate Invoices You can professionally design invoices within the shortest time span Maintain accurate reports on organizational expenses . Make Invoices in form of PDFs and send them to your clients with insightstock360 online stock control with invoicing software. Integrate your application with online payment gateways 360 Insight Stock F eatures

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11. Android app to Manage Inventory from your hands Unlock real-time business efficiency and Drive the greatest productivity  Use software in conjunction with Mobile Handheld terminals. Manage goods receipt, order picking and dispatch functions in real time. Utilize integrated barcode scanners to minimize data input errors. 360 Insight Stock Features

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Complete inventory management solution, controlling inventory, tracking items, increasing warehouse productivity, reducing paper flow. With our asset tracking system software you can save your time and money. Insightstock360 is flexible Web based Inventory Control system that suits every kind of business. Gain full control of your supply chain and increase warehouse efficiency with Insightstock360 Inventory Management 360 Insight Stock Why Choose Us?

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https://www.facebook.com/InsightStock360/ https://twitter.com/360insightstock https://plus.google.com/u/1/114639550306560562883 360 Insight Stock Contact US info@insight360.co.uk 8 The Courtyard, Harris Business Park, Bromsgrove, B60 4DJ +44 - 844-870-7873

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