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Insect Killer Services Pvt.Ltd provides customize Residential pest control solutions which include cockroach, termite, bedbug, flies, mosquito, rodent control and many more. CONTACT NOW: +91-98280-81758 WEBSITE:


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Indias Best At Your Doorstep

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Our Company Insect Killer Services Pvt Ltd. is a responsible Pest Management Company providing pest and Termite Solutions in Jaipur ever committed towards health hygiene and environmental care.

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Services Cockroach Control Termite Control Bird Control Service Bed Bugs Treatment Rodent Control Service Commercial Pest Control

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Cockroach Control Cockroaches are a high-risk blighter to own on your premises. They carry a spread of significant diseases together with enter bacteria malady dysentery diphtheria inflammatory disease and typhoid fever.

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Termites Deemak are the most annoying creepy crawlers on earth that affects agriculture home furniture overall home interior which damages gradually. If you live in Rajasthan and looking for Pest Control in Jaipur then do consider only those who are Bayer experts. Termite Control

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Bird Control Pigeons sparrows and different fowls truly turn into a disturbance for us they make our edges and colonnade filthy. Insect Killer Services Pvt Ltd offers anti-bird netting pigeon protection net bird spikes industrial bird netting pigeon netting installation to protect your home from unwanted birds littering.

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Bed bug comes from unhygienic habit that anyone practices in bedroom sometimes because of other recurring reason it becomes annoying. Bed bugs normally found in blankets pillow mattresses which eat clothes at a snails pace promote their cluster.

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Rodent Control Service Rodents are so fast thus spread dirtiness cruelly across any place they live. Apart from rats and mice other well-known rodents that can carry infection and result in disease transmission are groundhogs voles ground squirrels lemmings and other species types. There are many methods through which you can catch mice other rodents like trap system cleanliness etc.

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Commercial Pest Control Insect Killer Services Pvt Ltd is a specialist in commercial pest control services. We have expert pest control specialists who can tailor their pest control services based on the needs of your business.

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Address : S-1 S-3 Udai Apartment D-181 Bhrigu Marg Kanti Chandra Road Bani Park Jaipur. Contact Number : +91-98280-81758 Email : Website :

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