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TOP KNOWN GLOBAL HEALTH PROBLEMS top known global health problems we face antimicrobial resistance, new pandemics , emerging infections , natural disasters , global climate change, armed conflicts and migrants .


HEALTH AND HEALTH NEEDS The health and health needs are significant focus of public concern and debate ---increasing health challenges related to aging population ---Rise in chronic diseases and conditions ---Growing expectations for more and better health services --- Technological progress increases health care funding and financing

Investing in the health workforce to strengthen health systems.:

Investing in the health workforce to strengthen health systems. The increase in demand on our health system has been with an increased expectation of funding and it now apparent hat there is a strong link between the economic and the general health of a population In some cases, as government seek short-term savings we have seen real reductions in health expenditure leading to both short- term savings we have seen real reductions in health expenditure. If not borne by government the cost of health care to individuals can lead to increased poverty .


Cont ………. Changes in working practice restructuring and rapid boundary changes can all increase the possibility of psychological stress, fatigue, burnout and depressive disorder. If the health system works actively to limit change , then this might lessen any negative impact.


RESILIENCE “ RESILIENCE” MEANS THE CAPACITY TO RECOVER FROM DIFFICULTIES” The resilience of a health system is its capacity to respond , adapt , and strengthen when exposed to a shock , such as a disease outbreak, natural disaster , or conflict.


CONCEPTS TO BUILD RESILIENCE flexibility learning adaptability

six key building blocks to achieving a strong system:

six key building blocks to achieving a strong system Good health services A well performing health workforce A well –functioning health information system Medical products , Vaccines and technologies. A good health financing Leadership and governance .

New expectations of work force:

New expectations of work force Sustainable developmental goal ; ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well being for all, at all ages , is essential to the achievement of the other SDG . UHC means not only reaching everyone in need , but also delivering quality health care services that are people- centred. This requires a well –performing health system with a sufficient number of well –trained motivated health workers.


HEALTH PERSONNEL SCARCITY It is projected that there will be a shortfall of 10.1 million skilled health professionals (nurses, midwives, and physicians) by 2030. scarcity of qualified health personnel, including nurses, is highlighted as one of the biggest obstacles to achieving health system effectiveness.

Health system resilience:

Health system resilience Health system resilience can be defined as the capacity of health actors , institutions and population to prepare for and effectively respond to crises; maintain core functions when a crisis hits; and informed by lessons learned during the crisis , reorganize if conditions require it.”


ROBERTSON COOPER MODEL Resilience Purpose fulness Social support adaptability confidence




THE NURSING WORKFORCE is increasingly well educated and able to connect with citizens , communities, policy makers and each other . However the need to adapt and change more quickly is evident and the challenges set out in the next 15yrs will require a new generation of innovation and leadership.

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The nurse workforce has a long history of responding to the changing needs of society. We have developed our practice to tackle public health challenges and to ensure the provision of high quality care. .

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As nurses gain a higher profile in the development of local , national and international response,. ------we need to have confident well-informed leader who understand their role in developing a workforce to meet new challenges.

Workforce -2030:

Workforce -2030 VISION : Accelerate progress towards universal health coverage and UN sustainable development Goals by universal access to health workers. Overall goal : to improve health and socioeconomic development outcomes by ensuring universal availability , accessibility , acceptability and quality of the health workforce through adequate investments and the implementation of effective policies at national ,regional, and global levels.

a deeper look into health system:

a deeper look into health system A health system consists of all of the organization, institution, resources and people whose primary purpose is to improve health. The health system delivers preventive , promotive , curative, and rehabilitative interventions through a combination of public health actions and the pyramid of health care facilities that deliver personal health care – by both state and non state actors. A health system need staff , funds, information, supplies, transport, communication and overall guidance and direction to function.


Cont …….. Well functioning health system are required in order to deliver quality health care to all people when they need it, where they need it , and at price they can afford , strengthening health system , however is challenging given their complexity , captured this challenges in its description of health system strengthening.


Cont…. in most health system expenditure on workforce accounts for approximately 70% of recurrent spending . However, it is important to remember that a strong health system cannot be achieved without a well –performing health workforce. In other words, the health of the population cannot be achieved without investing in the health workforce. We need to transform the traditional way of viewing the health workforce as a recurrent cost or expenditure to viewing investment in the health workforce as a strategy to achieve health for all and to grow economies by creating qualified jobs in the public sector.

Nurses and resilience:

Nurses and resilience what a nurse workforce should achieve. nurse and organizations in health care IF THEY cannot care for themselves , how can they care for the populations and communities they serve?

Nurses and resilience:

Nurses and resilience we are the core of the resilience contribute to service development ; supervise and develop other members of the team; work with and advocate for patients, their cares and communities and collect data and inform the development of evidence.

Nurses and nursing can:

Nurses and nursing can Lead and support inter professional education and inter professional collaborative practice. Strengthen and diversity primary health care Ensure a strong nursing voice in all health and social system policy development and planning dialogues.

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Nurses must play an integral role in leading change. With redesigned health systems and full participation of nurses in policy, we will be better equipped to provide quality care for all , even in times of difficulties.

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Another reason for nurses to be involved in health sector policy reform is the large impact that these policies tend to have on nurse’s work environment through our involvement in decisions for health systems’ strengthening.

Individual nurse:

Individual nurse Maintain your health and well being Prioritize developing your personal resilience support the development of your coworkers’ resilience Consider ways in which you can actively work with patients, carers and communities to improve their understanding of how to improve their abilities to self- care and influence the development of services Develop your skills to demonstrate the positive impact that high quality nursing has on outcomes. Develop your health systems thinking by making strong networks across the system.

Developing personal resilience:

Developing personal resilience Nurses and nursing to growing pressure , including regular reviews and reorganizations coping with changes to service delivery and models of care , financial pressures, expanding scope of practice and enhanced expectations of what a nurse workforce should achieve.


institutions/employers Ensure effective work environment and care resources for health care staff Support health well-being of health care staff. Provide employees with learning opportunities Ensure a system of critical incident review is in place Establish place disaster plans.

What is health system resilience and how can it be improved? :

What is health system resilience and how can it be improved? An adequate number of trained health worker Available medicines Robust health information systems , including surveillance Appropriate infrastructure Sufficient public financing A strong public sector to deliver equitable , quality services


Cont …. Providing healthcare services to all people in need is the ethical and professional responsibility of nurses. However improving health system’s resilience requires intersectoral efforts by all actors at all levels. Nurses who deliver the majority of health care services in collaboration with colleagues in both health and non health sectors , have an important role in this process.


conclusion The focus of this how the nurse workforce can contribute to improving health system’s resilience . It is clear that we need to work together to build strong health systems that are resilience to cope with future challenges to achieve the ambitious target.

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