Presentation Description Make your product good, fast and cheap. Deliver it on time, without compromising on the cost or time.


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The success of every business depends upon delivering quality products on time to ensure customer satisfaction. It is tricky to satisfy every end – consumer, but with proper business ethics and ensuring quality, there will be little to complain about. Delay in delivering products causes cost overruns, may result in permanent failure. It could also damage reputation. So it is necessary to ensure quality, on time delivery.

What is a ‘Quality Product’? :

What is a ‘Quality Product’? The word ‘Quality’ in business nowadays has come to mean achieving customer satisfaction, though this has also been deemed nearly impossible. It is not rare to achieve quality as in excellence. It is just that in this fast paced world with frequently changing tastes, delivering quality products has been assumed unimportant. This is no excuse to compromise on the product itself. The easiest way to ensure quality is to check – not only the overall product, but also in every stage of production. This makes it far easier to firmly point out the exact place where things went wrong. If possible, hire professional quality control check companies to ensure that your product meets industry standards. Always use optimal raw materials. Low cost doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. Do your research and ensure that at every step your product adheres to the quality standards. Keep innovating and improving your product continuously but make sure that you are also consistent in delivering above the usual standards and can manage to deliver on time too.

Competitors and Customer Needs :

Competitors and Customer Needs Most often, customers’ needs keep changing. People think up better things they would like to add to the original. While this may cause major design and product preparation changes, it is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Be courteous to the customers but be firm in saying if the extra needs would mean a delay. If the customer changes the requirements after a particular stage has been transcended and it is possible that this might make your delivery delayed, communicate it and negotiate for extra time. If you cannot deliver on time because of your own mishaps, also communicate it as early as possible (though after making sure it is not surmountable and there is no other way out) and negotiate a new date.


Competitors are aplenty in the market. Customers are spoilt for choice. There are many people offering the same products and services. They might also offer something more than what you are doing, and thereby create ‘needs’ the customer did not even know they had. They could offer attractive packages that are fast, cheap and promised to have more quality. This might most often influence customer ‘requirements’ and change them abruptly. Ensure that you try to incorporate those needs in your product only if you can deliver on time and keep it good, too.

Do you have the skill and the resources? :

Do you have the skill and the resources? Assign the right people to work. Tell them what needs to be done. Stop interfering in the way they work. But make sure the product they deliver meets expectations. Also commit only to those orders where you are sure you can deliver the requirements. Make sure you have the resources to give these people to work with. Do you have storage facilities to keep the products till delivery? Let the people in your team know if the work is not satisfactory. It is better to be forthright inside the company than the customer chastising later.

Set deadlines and plan for contingencies :

Set deadlines and plan for contingencies Always set deadlines. Not only for the whole product. Set internal deadlines for every stage of production and make sure they are met. Make each employee responsible for their bit of work, and make sure they adhere to it. Check if the production is following as per the internal deadlines and if it is passing the QC check at every stage. Plan ahead for contingencies, be it in team or in resources, or in customer requirements. Make every internal deadline at every stage earlier than needed so you could have a little breathing time if something untoward happens to delay the completion of the stage. Manufacturers might not deliver raw materials on time; machinery might be ruined, causing delays. So plan ahead. Set out stage by stage deadlines with little extra times so that overall product delivery is not delayed.

Planning and Monitoring :

Planning and Monitoring Set out with a plan. Make sure your whole team knows about the plan and follows it. Monitor the progress in each stage with graphs, or tools like excel sheets and get frequent updates about current status from the people concerned. Replay every step of the plan and make sure there is no compromise on quality or deadline. Be open with your team and always inform about changes, updates in requirements and other issues that might affect production. Monitor and recheck at every opportunity.

Keep Communication channels open – always:

Keep Communication channels open – always Many products have failed because the communication between the production team was not smooth. Managers would promise to customers what the production team cannot deliver and the high commands expect the product to be given fast, good and also cheap, managing a huge profit while not harming the reputation. Therefore it is best to ensure that the communication channels are always open and any member of the team could approach anyone else with any issues that might arise. This allows in quickly resolving any problem that might arise. Overall product quality depends upon addressing each issue as it arises and not resorting to covering up and proceeding with holes.

In conclusion :

In conclusion There is a saying that quality delivery means making it good, fast and cheap, two at a time. Though it is funny, it must not be laughed at. Best quality delivery means maintaining to fulfil all three simultaneously. Make your product good, fast and cheap. Deliver it on time, without compromising on the cost or time.

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