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Most Effective Sleep Aid: What Should Most Effective Sleep Aid: What Should You Choose You Choose

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Sleep is one of the most essential things for our survival which rejuvenates our body and mind preparing us for a new day and a new life. However it is sad how day by day a good nights sleep is becoming a rare thing for many people. The number of people suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia sleep apnea and narcolepsy is insanely high. A stressful day at work weakness unhealthy eating habits excessive use of laptops and mobile phones... the reasons for sleep disorders are many. Lack of proper sleep can result in fatigue lack of concentration grumpiness and even road accidents.

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The horrors of sleep disorders only begin to show their true colors when being deprived of sleep becomes a regular thing. Your sleep routine goes haywire and sleeping pills become a necessary evil. However not all of them are bad and it takes a bit of effort to find the best and most effective one. Due to lack of knowledge and patience to explore and experiment most people presume the next thing they as the most effective sleep aid. Here is a brief introduction to the three kinds of sleep aids available their ingredients characteristics and effects on the human body.

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1. Over the Counter OTC Drugs Over the counter drugs are those drugs that are made available in every convenient and medical store which dont need any kind of prescription. Drugs without prescription scary as they sound whats scarier is people consuming them despite knowing that these drugs come with side effects such as drowsiness changes in appetite sleepwalking etc. So certainly OTC drugs cant be called as the most effective sleep aids.

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2. Sedative Hypnotics Sedative hypnotics are not very different from the OTC drugs except that they are prescribed by a doctor. They are made of benzodiazepines which are pretty effective when it comes to offering instant relief from sleep disorders. However the psychological dependence one might develop for these drugs and the withdrawal effects once you stop using them are pretty horrifying to stop using them and look for a sleep aid that can indeed be called the most effective sleep aid.

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3. Natural Sleep Aids These aids are completely natural and organic in nature because they are made of the most natural substances available such as Aloe Vera Valerian Root Melatonin extracts Chamomile etc. They have no side effects whatsoever and they not only offer instant relief but also a permanent one by helping you improve your sleep by developing a consistent sleep routine. Hence the most effective sleep aid As simple as that

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