Advantages and Disadvantages of Injection Molding Machine


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One of the most common ways to mold plastics is through the used injection molding machines. It is one of the widely used manufacturing processes in the plastic industry. You may not notice it but there are a lot of things around you that are mold by the injection molding machine. Most of the manufacturing companies have used injection molding machines to mold parts of your kitchen tools, car parts, plastic wallet, office tools, and equipment. The operation and process of this machine are very simple as well as its maintenance cost compares to other plastic manufacturing equipment. If you want to save big, PlastiWin offers the highest quality used injection molding machines for you.


Advantages of Injection Molding Machine: • Low cost of operation – the process is simple which saves you from getting a lot of workers or specialized workers to operate the machine. • The process is very simple – whether they are a used injection molding machines, or brand new, you would not need a specialized worker to work on your machine in the molding process. • Materials are simple – all you have to put in the machine are plastic pellets to proceed with the molding. • Flexible shape for molding – once the shape of your product has been taken care of, you would not have a problem with the molding. With this, you could produce bulk orders at a low cost and simple method.


Complex parts are not a problem – you don’t have to worry about the complex part of your product, it has a very high pressure that can deal with that in high details. • The cycle volume is low – because of this, you can produce a lot of parts up to millions. • Less waste – most plastics can be recycled so all the waste plastics can be used again and again to reduce the waste and save more.


Disadvantages of Injection Molding Machine: • Part productions have limits – other plastic bottles with a large undercut can’t be produced by this processing machine. • The injection molding machine is expensive – even with the low cost of operation, still, the starting up the business involves the buying of a machine which is expensive. On the bright side, there is a lot of used injection molding machines available in the market. • Design restrictions – the process is simple but, each part should be made and produced separately with no hollow parts. Your drafting parts should be perpendicular with the tool opening and the thickness of the parts should be consistent.


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