The 4 ways to reduce overall body fat

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The 4 ways to reduce overall body fat:

The 4 ways to reduce overall body fat


Some of the body fats are important to the healthy circulation of our body but excess body fats can lead to serious health problems. A large amount of fats in our body can increase the risk of having diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancers. Reducing overall fats in our body can improve our health and lessen the chances of having diseases. Having changes to our lifestyle, exercise routine and diet can help to decrease the overall body fats and improve our health condition. These are the 4 ways in reducing overall body fats:


1. Reduce body fats using dietary changes Eat foods that contain low calories. Low-calorie diet will to reduce fat and lose weights. Determine how many calories you consume daily and reduce it by around 500 calories every day. Avoid very low-calorie diet or consume less than 1200 calories daily because it may cause losing lean muscle mass, not body fats. Focus on lean protein because it is important in the metabolism of our body. Set fruits and vegetables as your priority meals; these foods contain a lot of nutrients. Try to lessen the amount of grains you consume, this is one of the best ways to reduce body fats. Make a habit of drinking 8 glasses of water a day to increase your energy and to feel you full.


2. Reduce body fats using supplements Use supplements like IGF 1 DES that can help to reduce overall fats excess in your body. IGF 1 DES is a polypeptide created by sixty-seven amino acids in the sequence. IGF 1 DES has the feature of inducing hyperplasia and a lot of research shows that the peptide has the ability to control tissue development.


3. Reduce body fats with exercise Create an aerobic exercise routine that will work in conjunction with your diet to reduce body fat. Add intensity interval exercise in your routine like 1 minute of sprint followed by 3 minutes of jogging. It can decrease body fats more than moderate intensity exercise.


4. Reduce body fats by making changes to your lifestyle Manage your stress level because chronic stress can increase the cortisol level in the body. Try to engage yourself in some activities that can help to reduce stress like watching movies, listening to music, reading magazines or good books. Get yourself more sleep to help reduce your body fats level.


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