A Novice Guide for purchasing 3D Printers


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A Novice Guide for purchasing 3D Printers:

A Novice Guide for purchasing 3D Printers


Today, there exist a vast number of different types of 3D printers. Since the boom of the 3-Dimensional printing, the practice became a big hit with many hobbyists or makers, as they call themselves, any individual now can own a 3D printer of their very own. There are types whose price can reach up to $1,500 to $2,500 or even higher, but there are still some types that can be purchased for a very affordable price.


3D printer kits are typically the ones that are the least expensive types but be aware that these need to be assembled. Depending on how good you are with tools and following instruction manuals, it is probably worth to pay an additional $50 to $100 to purchase a fully assembled kit.


There are also a few things to consider when purchasing a 3D printer of your own. Always check the printer’s bed size since this will dictate the size of an object the 3D printer can print. Check the OS compatibility and if the 3D printer’s software is open source or proprietary, open source is preferable. Finding out what type of polymer the 3D printer uses is also important as well Now here are the top 4 3D printers that can be purchased under $1000

Prusa Mendel i3 Kit ($799):

Prusa Mendel i3 Kit ($799) A low-cost 3D printer that provides pretty awesome results, it is the perfect 3D printer for people motivated looking for a 3D printer that produces excellent and top quality prints. Comes with a unique acrylic frame, designed to augment its sturdiness and lessen unwanted vibrations.

PrintrBot Simple ($550):

PrintrBot Simple ($550) This is an affordable 3D printer which appears to be the sturdiest among all types that are fully assembled upon purchase. It supports Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems and also comes with an SD slot, perfect for plug and play builders.

Solidoodle 2 ($499):

Solidoodle 2 ($499) What sets this 3D printer model apart from the others is its ample sized and enclosed bed area. This 3D printer can print objects up to 6 inches X 6 inches x 6 inches in size. And it is fully assembled upon purchase and uses an open source software, which can be downloaded from Solidoodle’s web page.

Buccaneer 3D Printer kit ($379):

Buccaneer 3D Printer kit ($379) The 3D printer model has the slickest design of all. Sporting brushed aluminum top as well as a see-through Plexiglas base and utilizes Wireless 3D printing. The 3D printer has a decent bed size of 5.9 inches x 3.9 inches x 4.75 inches print area and supports both Windows and OS X operating systems.


More info here: http://aus3d.com.au http://rienni.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/11/19/162459

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