The Top 3 Most Expensive Bongs In The World

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For the average stoner, a simple blunt and a couple of grams would be good, heck even bongs would seem to be an luxury for the working class stoner. How much more for fellow stoners in third world countries where the only thing they can use is a foil. In first world countries, bongs are already becoming a fast paced industry with different brands and names surging up the mainstream circle. They are becoming popular names synonymous with familiar sounding brands like Rolex or Nike. ROOR is a brand to take note and watch out for. It’s a German glass making company, but there are other glass makers to watch out for noted for their artisanal style. So artisanal in fact they have been included in the world’s most expensive bongs. Now what has made these bongs expensive is their attention to detail and dedicated craftsmanship that would put bongs online to shame.


ROOR Excalibur- $15,000 Yes, your reading that right, when we say expensive we mean really expensive. The ROOR Excalibur is one of the world’s tallest bong standing at 6ft tall with a 33 cm base. This bong adorned with fire and ice patterns actually bag an award for being so being so uniquely designed, but not just any award; HTCC 2009 Glass Cup winner to be precise and only hardcore glass enthusiast understands that this is a big deal! It comes with its own travel case, which may come in handy as a 6ft bong may not come into practical and every day use. Best reserved for special occasions


Pirate Ship Bubbler- $30,000 Taking a look at this glass bong and you be assured why this comes with a very hefty price tag. This is a bong shaped into a full pirate ship and yes we are serious about this. From the sails, to the cannons, so the anchor and even the teeny tiny windows are all shaped into glass. It’s in only sold one place on earth and that’s at Illuzion a glassware shop in Denver, CO. Yes a state known for legalizing weed has one of the expensive bongs too. A match made in heaven, just don’t break the bong though as it would be very disappointing


Miley Cyrus’ Bong- $70,000 Apparently, rumors circulate that this is the bong that allegedly Miley Cyrus have used a few years back before she chopped her locks. And everyone was so obsessed with it the actually owner of the bong sold it for a whopping $ 70,000. Now Miley has neither confirmed nor denied the use of the bong but if the private buyer wouldn’t mind, then go buddy burn ahead. Because that the closest thing you have kissing Miley on the lips.



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