Agar.Io Hack- Tips & Tricks For Ball Enlargement

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Tips & Tricks For Ball Enlargement:

Tips & Tricks For Ball Enlargement is fun, but it does require some level of skill to make it to the top of the rankings and stay there. While a big portion of how well you will do is luck-based (such as a fortunate multi-split of a much larger cell), knowing when to keep it together in-game is the difference between someone who gets sizable quickly and someone who struggles time and time again.


At its heart, is a simple game. But that doesn't mean you can mess around and expect to get and stay big. Without further ado, here are some tips to help you get and stay at the top.

Time your splitting carefully:

Time your splitting carefully I know it's really tempting to split your single cell into two to go after smaller prey, but it's not always worth it. And you need to be able to gauge the size difference between yourself and whatever you're thinking about eating -- because you go down to half your size when you split.


Only split when you can guarantee that you'll not only be able to hit your target, but that you won't be too small to eat them once you do. It's also almost always best to split when you can eat more than one target, making your splitting extra worth it.


A lot of players split willy-nilly in hopes of getting small gains from prey, but don't be too hasty. When you split, you're smaller until your cells join back together; meaning you're probably going to be more vulnerable unless one of your cells got to or above the size you were when you were a single cell.

Be even more careful when splitting to more than two cells:

Be even more careful when splitting to more than two cells You almost never want to split up too many times at once, unless you're trying to get away from bigger cells or it's guaranteed that you'll get much larger. This is especially true once you've gotten very large. Each time you split, your cells are halved in size and doubled in amount. This means you're less able to hunt down smaller cells and you're very vulnerable until your cells join back together.


Splitting too many times is one of the biggest causes of falling off the leaderboard, second only to getting cornered and trying to juke through obstacle cells (or having someone spawn a new one on you).


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