Staying Safe While Surfing the Web

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Staying Safe While Surfing the Web! : 

Staying Safe While Surfing the Web! Kaylee S., Makenna D., Mary W. Mr. Tremain 5th Grade Mrs. Johns’ Computer Class Publishing October 2010

Once upon a time…. : 

Once upon a time…. I was on the computer with my sister and a website came up and we thought it was sending a virus to our computer. So we told our Dad and he shut it down and when he restarted the computer back up, the Website and the virus were all gone. Don’t click on pop-ups they can put a virus on your computer.

Online safety : 

Online safety Keep your identity a secret. Ask an adult or guardian before putting information online If someone that you don’t know tries to “friend you” on Facebook, MySpace, or a social network ignore them. Always keep your password a secret. Be extra careful with strangers. They can be dangerous! If someone wants you to meet them somewhere, you shouldn’t unless you know them.

Netiquette : 

Netiquette Don’t type in all capital letters, it means that you’re yelling online. Have good manners and treat others with respect, the way you would want to be treated. Some people go around online and try to start fights, so if that ever happens, you should get offline and ask an adult to check out the website you’re on and make sure that it is safe.

Cyberbullying : 

Cyberbullying Don’t send mean, nasty comments or messages. Don’t fight back to cyber bullies. Block them or ignore them. If people keep bulling you, save the message to show a parent. What you put online will never go away, it stays there forever. BrainPop

Other Tips and Advice : 

Other Tips and Advice If you are kidding online, you should use emoticons to tell the other person that you are kidding. Ex- You’re weird! What you should do… You’re weird! If you are mad at someone, you shouldn’t send back messages that say nasty or mean things. Count to ten to calm down, or don’t talk to them for a while.

Important Word Dictionary : 

Important Word Dictionary Flaming- You’re being mean online. Sending a mean message. Flame Wars- You’re being mean back. An online fight. Social Network- a place to communicate online with friends. Emoticons- A way to tell people, that you’re communicating with online, if you’re joking, sad, mad, happy, etc.

Resources : 

Resources Jog the Web Microsoft Clip Art Microsoft Sounds Microsoft Animations

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