Ways to Stay Super Safe Online

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Ways to Stay SUPER Safe Online! : 

Ways to Stay SUPER Safe Online! By Halaina and Allison Ms. Harrison 6th grade Mrs. Johns’ Computer Class Publishing Co. ©November 2010

Online Safety : 

Online Safety Did you know that going online is as safe as going outside as long as you follow some simple rules? Don’t give out any personal information like: Your real name Your address Your school

More Online Safety : 

More Online Safety When you’re online don’t use your real name. If something the person said makes you feel uncomfortable then tell an adult immediately ! Netiquette is a set of rules, about using good manners, that you need to follow while being online. Don’t say or post anything you would be ashamed of to say in person. A harmless joke could insult someone else.

Cyber Bullying : 

Cyber Bullying Did you know that Cyber bullying is mean and can hurt some one’s feeling even if you don’t know it right then? Also to inform you, cyber bullying can send out gossip that you can’t deny or take back! Even more scary, cyber bullying can lead to identity theft!!! When it’s online you can’t delete it. If you put personal information online then people will have an easier time tracking you down!!!

More Tips and Advice : 

More Tips and Advice If you can’t think of a username then use a pet’s name or a favorite number such as: Coolkid19 Rosco65 Gamegirl9000 But you should NEVER give out personal information such as: JamieBead789 W Glenstone LizzieFlink1997 Kallie11

Super Safe Resources : 

Super Safe Resources The resources that help you stay SUPER SAFE are : --Mrs. Johns’ Jog the Web --Microsoft Office online clipart --Brain Pop --Netsmartz Workshop --BBC News Round --Wired Kids

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