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How 2 B Safe Online : 

How 2 B Safe Online By Nora, Alyssa, and Lauren Mrs. Karlson’s 6th grade class Mrs. Johns’ Computer Publishing Co. ©November 2010

A true story : 

A true story One day, a girl was on Facebook and announced that her parents were out of town. Her friends knew when she was at work then saw the post. After that while she was still at work, her friends broke into her house. Not very good friends, huh?

Cyber bullying : 

Cyber bullying What is cyber bullying? That’s what a lot of kids ask. Well, Cyber bullying is when people say mean things to others. They start a flame war and can reach to a bigger level. Save any mean letters you get, and tell an adult!!! Remember be safe online!

Online Safety : 

Online Safety Before we get started here, I just want to tell you that you may notice you have done some of the following or witnessed it. First up, you should never share your real name, address, phone number, or school name. You’ve probably heard that before, but it’s true. Someone could find the information you put out and find you in real life. Then it gets bad for you! Good thing we have police in this country!

Netiquette : 

Netiquette Netiquette is being polite online. If you are not polite while talking to people on facebook or whatever, you could cause a flame war. A flame war is fighting online with someone else. And who knows? The person you could be fighting with could be a 93 year old guy from Switzerland! Did you know some people try to pick a fight online?... Well did you?

We want to thank… : 

We want to thank… Microsoft Word 2007 And last but not least we want to thank Mrs. Johns. You’re AWESOME!!!

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