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SURVIVING THE INTERNET By Kal and Jacob Mrs.Karlson’s 6th Grade Mrs. Johns’ Computer Class Publishing Co. ©October 2010 All Rights Reserved


FLAME WARS and TROLLS FLAMEWARS are internet fights that can be found in chat rooms and forums (discussions of a certain thing). Usually they can be mild like trying to prove a point. Or they can get extreme to the point where the people will say stuff like “I hope you die a painful, slow death!” TROLLS are usually meanies who run around starting flame wars. Try to avoid them at ALL COSTS.

A story of a flame war. : 

A story of a flame war. It all started whenever I was playing an internet game known as Roblox™ I was playing a pirate game. One player wanted peace between the two pirates. But when someone wanted to do one last raid against us, an awful flame war started! It was going all out to the point of “yo mama” insults!


CYBERBULLYS Cyber bullies. Its about as simple as you think. They bully on the internet and on the phone. If you see ANYONE treating you badly on the internet, close out and tell an adult. If you receive a bad message, save it and tell someone.

Resources : 

Resources What resources did you use that you need to give credit for? Such as: andinternet/onlinesafety/ Microsoft Office online clipart

ROBLOX. Appendix A : 

ROBLOX. Appendix A Roblox is an online social game where you can build YOUR games! No crummy catches like “build limits.” and best of all, you can customize your character in trillions of ways! Don’t like ours? Make your own shirts and pants! (builders club needed to sell them) you can also compete in building contests for crazy cool stuff. Register now and, if needed, check out the wiki for extra help!

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