Online Safety and Netiquette by Madison and Ryleigh

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Online safety &Netiquette : 

Online safety &Netiquette By : Madison and Ryleigh October 2010

My Experience : 

My Experience Once my dad opened an email and it ended up to be a virus. So we had to spend money to get it to go away. Remember don’t open messages if you don’t know who they’re from.


ONLINE SAFTEY Ryleigh- Hey Madison, I'm starting an e-mail account. Do you know if it’s ok to share my password and personal info? Madison- No, don’t tell your personal info or your password to anyone because they can figure out where you live and things like that.

Tips : 

Tips You have to be nice on the internet and on a phone plan because you can get kicked off. If someone you don’t know sends you a mean message tell an adult immediately! If you reply it will be called a flame war. It’s best not to reply. Be safe!


NEIQUETTTE Ryleigh- Hi Madison, I got a bad message. What should I do? Madison – When you get a bad message you should tell an adult and don’t respond because that would make it a flame war.

More tips : 

More tips Don’t reply to spam. Don’t reply in all caps it means you’re yelling. Don’t talk to people you don’t know in chat rooms. Don’t click on advertisements. Don’t start a flame war. Remember, don’t share your password with anyone! Remember to change your password often.

The most important thing is that you have fun on the internet and stay safe! : 

The most important thing is that you have fun on the internet and stay safe! Resources Madison – title page Ryleigh – my experience – jog the web Madison – online safety – jog the web Ryleigh - tips – jog the web Madison - netiquette – jog the web Ryleigh more tips – jog the web Madison - resources Good bye!

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