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ISCInternet Safety Control : 

ISCInternet Safety Control By: Abbie V. and Erika W. Mrs. Ashley’s 6th graders Mrs. Johns Computer Class Publishing Co. ©November 2010 All Rights Reserved

Safety Tips : 

Safety Tips What if somebody you don’t know started to email you weird messages. What would you do… Save any emails, instant messages, screen shots, or text messages that shows what’s going on. These electronic files will be useful for evidence. Make sure you never give out any personal information. It’s 4 your safety!!!

Online Safety : 

Online Safety To keep from getting hurt on the computer never go on adult chat rooms. And if someone wants to meet you make sure you ask your parents because you might think you know them, but you don’t.

Resources : 

Resources 1.Brain Pop 2.Netsmartz 3. MS Online Clipart

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