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Internet Guidelines : 

Internet Guidelines By Bissett, Tristen, and Charles Mrs. Rauch’s 5th Grade Mrs. Johns’ Computer Class Publishing Co. © November 2010 All Rights Reserved

Online Safety : 

Online Safety What I'm going to tell you are the 5 steps of being safe online; Keep your identity a secret. If you give your identity to someone you don’t know, you don’t know what's going to happen. Be extra careful with strangers because they might try to do something bad to you. Protect your passwords. Tell somebody like, an adult you trust, if somebody sends you a bad or mean message because they will know what to do to help you. You don’t want someone to say something mean to you in a chat room. If they do, leave that chat room. Be nice! Don’t reply to a bully on the internet because that’s what they want you to do and then they will be mean to you more.

Netiquette : 

Netiquette When online don’t write in all caps because on the internet that means that you are yelling and that is seriously not netiquette-nice. They might send a mean message back to you or maybe a seriously bad message. And don’t tell mean stuff as a joke in a message because the person on the other side might not take it as a joke. This is bad because you might hurt the person’s feelings.

Netiquette : 

Netiquette One more important thing about netiquette, that is really important, is that if you are playing an online game that you are nice to all the other people that are playing. Do not using bad words or bad or inappropriate emoticons.

Cyber Bulling : 

Cyber Bulling There are three things you need to know: Never return a nasty message. This is important because the person on the other side Is wanting a response and he may not leave you alone if you reply. 2. Never say something that you would not say face to face. This is important because the people on the other side have feelings too. 3. Save all rude, mean, or threatening messages. This is important because the message is or may be used as evidence and if you delete it you may not be believed. 4. Also remember that you should never be a bully yourself.

Internet Safety : 

Internet Safety My story to tell is about that the internet is not a private place . The internet is not a private place. One day I was on the internet and something popped up and it said, “Bill you have just won a brand new IPOD “ and the first thing I thought of is how did it know my name. I went straight to my mom and asked, “How did the internet know my name?” She said the computer had my name in it and it just broad cast it on the internet pop up. You should know that the internet is not a very safe place unless you follow the safety rules of the internet. It can only take about ten minutes to completely steal you identity just by some simple mistakes with simple words for example, ‘ Hey Shelly it’s Stacey, would you like my picture? It is attached to this link.’ Never attach a link with your picture on it and send it to your friend unless your parents say so.

Resources : 

Resources Authors: Tristen, Charles, and Bissett, Inman computer lab Microsoft Office online clipart Mrs. Johns’ Jog the Web

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