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Having Fun and Being Nice and Safe Online : 

Having Fun and Being Nice and Safe Online By Taylor, Rebekah, and Shelby Rauch`s 5th grade Mrs. Johns’ Computer Class Publishing Co. ©November 2010

Internet Safety : 

Internet Safety If you see something online that you shouldn't see exit out right then. Then tell someone about it and don’t go back to that site. Don’t tell anyone your password; not even your best friend because they could give it away. If you want to tell your mom and dad your password wait until you get home to tell them. Don’t tell anyone your password online.

Internet Safety : 

Internet Safety Be extra careful with strangers. It may say that they’re a sweet girl but they may be a creepy man trying to get information to come and track you down. Never talk to strangers online. Never say your real name online. Always make up a weird, funny, and crazy name like bubbles or Billy-bob. Because if people go to look for kids to meet online they won’t know who you are.

Internet Safety : 

Internet Safety Never talk to strangers online that you don’t know. They may say that they’re an innocent little girl but they may be a 20 year old man trying to get information from you. So never talk to strangers online. Don’t talk back to cyber bullies. If they threaten you then you need to save it. Then you need to tell an adult or guardian immediately. So this teaches you not to talk back to cyber bullies.

Netiquette : 

Netiquette Never talk to people harshly online. Never type in all caps because that means that you are yelling. If you say something mean to someone online it could really hurt their feelings. Just remember when people are online doesn`t mean they don`t have feelings. -Always watch what you say online.

Online Safety : 

Online Safety There are many dangers online. Keep your identity a secret when you are online. Don`t give out your name, address, phone number, school name, or your birthday. Be extra careful with strangers. They might use fake pictures to trick kids. Protect your passwords. Strangers are never the only danger online. Always know the people you are dealing with because some people are dangerous. Don’t believe everything you hear online. Just because it`s online doesn`t mean it`s true. Don’t go on inappropriate websites.

Online Safety and Netiquette : 

Online Safety and Netiquette ~Refuse to chat with anyone you do not know. ~ If someone is cyber bullying you quickly tell an adult. ~Never give out personal info online. ~Some adults trick kids by using fake pictures. ~Going online is just as safe as going outside. You just have to follow a few simple rules. Have fun and stay safe!

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