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Online Safety : 

Hunter, Paul, and Joel Mr. Snowden’s 5th Grade Mrs. Johns’ Computer Class Publishing Co. © November 2010 All Rights Reserved Online Safety

You Can’t Take Something Off the Internet That You Put On : 

You Can’t Take Something Off the Internet That You Put On Never put anything on the internet that you might want to take off in the future. So many people use the internet daily that anything you put on can spread immediately. You can’t take that thing away from them. Example: There was a person that posted a very mean picture of his friend. His friend was very mad because the picture was embarrassing. The person who had posted it tried to delete it, but some other people had copied it onto their computer. The picture can never be deleted from everyone’s computer or from the internet.

Cyberbullying Tips : 

Cyberbullying Tips Make sure you don’t become a cyber bully yourself. You can do this by not putting something that could be harmful to someone else. You can never take something off that you put on. If you think you are getting cyberbullied tell an adult immediately. They can help with problems like this.

Online Safety : 

Online Safety One of the most important rules about internet safety is that you should never give out any personal information. Some things that you should not give out are: Phone Number Email Home Address Your parent’s credit card number Passwords etc. You should not give this information because people can find out where you live or steal from you.

Top thing you can do : 

Top thing you can do If anything ever happens to you when you’re online, tell an adult immediately. They can solve the problems. Example: If you get a virus on your computer or if an online stranger sends you a weird message. Sometimes the police can even get involved if it’s bad enough!

Something You Should Remember : 

Something You Should Remember Do not wander the internet without permission from a parent. If you are not sure about a website ask an adult.

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