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The Way To Keep Safe on the Internet : 

The Way To Keep Safe on the Internet By: Braden & Drake Miss Futrell’s 6th Grade Class Mrs. Johns’ Computer Class Publishing Co. ©November 2010

Internet Safety Experience : 

Internet Safety Experience One day I put my name and email address on the internet and people started sending me weird emails. They asked me to meet them at the movies. I told my parents and they told me to ignore them and my parents changed my email address. Never put your real name or email on the internet!

Tips by: Bradon : 

Tips by: Bradon Don’t put your picture on the internet either unless your mom or dad tell you to. When I did it some people asked me where I lived, it was really weird. If anyone asks you that question tell a parent or an adult. Never put your address online.

Cyber Bullying : 

Cyber Bullying Cyber bulling is when you bully some one on the internet or the person bullies you. A person bullied me on the internet once. I saved the messages and told my parents. They were really happy I saved the messages. And they told the police.

Flame Wars : 

Flame Wars Flame wars are when a person starts arguing at you about anything on the internet and you fight back. If you type back anything that is mean, he could save and tell an adult. Then you would be in trouble. The internet is a fun place if you know the safety rules.

Following Websites We Found the Information at: : 

Following Websites We Found the Information at: Other sites for information found at: The Internet safety experience stories included in this eBook are not necessarily factual. Most are used to help illustrate the point being made.

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