Rocks--Cold Hard Facts

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Rockscold hard facts : 

Rockscold hard facts By: Kevin, Savannah, Ben, Jasmine Mrs. Crouse’s Science Classes Date:10/20/10

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What Is A Rock? A rock is a naturally formed solid from the ground. Rocks come in many shapes and sizes. Rocks can even be made from lava!!! Most of the Earths rocks are made underground Many people go to caves to study rocksrocks are cool because God made each of them Different!

2 Cool Facts About Rocks : 

2 Cool Facts About Rocks One Rock That Was Founded By Scientists Actually Fell From Space With Particles That Show Water Formation In Space. Some Rocks Get So Big That People Decide To Live In Them And It Is Actually Comfortable.

The 3 types of Rocks : 

The 3 types of Rocks Metamorphic Rock- forms when heat or pressure causes older rocks to change into new types of rocks. Sedimentary Rock- forms when pieces of older rocks, plants, and other loose material get pressed or cemented together. Igneous Rock- forms when molten cools and becomes solid. Igneous & Metamorphic rocks cover 95% of the earth’s crust and Sedimentary rock covers 5% of it.

Sedimentary rocks : 

Sedimentary rocks Metamorphic rocks Igneous rocks Types of rock Obsidian Granite marble slate sandstone Iron Ore

Uses of Rocks : 

Uses of Rocks Rocks are used to build statues, houses, and skyscrapers. Statues are built by granite or marble. Houses are built by limestone and sandstone, there are others used, too. Skyscrapers are built by granite. granite limestone

The Rock Cycle : 

The Rock Cycle The rock cycle is the set of natural processes that form, change, break down, and re-form rocks. The rock cycle is a process of rocks changing from one formation to another. Such as igneous rock turning to sedimentary, or metamorphic rock, with heat, plants, and pressure. 

The Split Apple : 

The Split Apple Location: New Zealand-Tasman Bay on the South Island. How it got its formation: Came from a volcano eruption and it is in the middle of the ocean so the waves slowly eroded it. We infer this because it is formed of granite and granite is an igneous rock which comes from volcanoes and since it is in the middle of the ocean the waves slowly eroded it.

Resources : 

Resources What resources did you use that you need to give credit for? Such as: Google Bing Microsoft Office online clipart McDougal Littell Science (science book)

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