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Rocks Rock : 

Rocks Rock Evan, Yuri, Briggs, Makayla, Abbie Mrs. Crouse’s Science Classes Date: 10-20-10 All Rights Reserved

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A rock is a solid. It is formed naturally. It is usually made up of minerals. There are only a few rocks that don`t have any minerals, like obsidian and coal. Did you know that diamond is the hardest natural substance found on Earth? Also did you know that basalt is the most common rock on Earth? What is a rock?

Many ways people use rocks : 

Many ways people use rocks There are many rocks with many uses. One is : coal. Coal is used for electricity. Another rock is limestone. Limestone has many uses. Such as, glass, fiberglass cement, gum, lime and carpet backing. Shale is used to make things like bricks, and cement. Double click here

The 3 main types of rocks : 

The 3 main types of rocks IGNEOUS Molten water Pressure Heat Metamorphic rock Plants evaporation Old rock pieces Sedimentary rock Click here

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The rock cycle is where the 3 rocks are formed (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic) igneous rocks are formed when magma leaves the Earth and cools. Sedimentary rocks are formed when layers of sediment (rock patricides or any other small rock) are compressed together to make a new form. Metamorphic rocks are formed from a mixture if other rock types compressed together with high heat. In the rock cycle natural processes change each type of rock into other types. Rocks can take many paths through the rock cycle and change into other types in any order. The Rock Cycle Skip Navigation

The 3 types of rocks : 

The 3 types of rocks Igneous rock- form when molten rock cool and because solid. Sedimentary rock – forms when pieces of old rock ,plants , and other loose material get pressed or cementer together. Metamorphic – form when heat or pressure causes older rocks to change into new types of rocks. Igneous and Metamorphic rock 95% and Sedimentary rock 5% Double click here

The Wave rock in Australia and Arizona : 

The Wave rock in Australia and Arizona Elevation: 5,225 ft Latitude: 36, 59 45.84 North degrees Longitude: 112 0 21.9 degrees west This rock was formed in Australia. We believed that this rock was formed long ago by a river that was always rough with waves. It looks small because of the tree next to it but it’s actually very large 14 meters high, and 110m long, the face of Wave Rock appears ready to crash onto a pre-historic surf, now frozen in time Believed to have formed over 2700 million years ago It is approximately 190 million years old The Wave is made of sandstone

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