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Rock Science : 

Julianna, Josiah, Nash, Sierra Mrs. Crouse’s Science Classes Date: October,20, 2010 Sierra Rock Science

Definition of A Rock : 

Definition of A Rock A rock is a naturally formed solid that is usually made up of one or more minerals. FUN FACTS: Igneous rocks are the oldest kind of rocks. The meaning of the word “metamorphic” means to change. Sea shells, bones and teeth of animals contain calcium witch gets deposited on the sea floor. Over a period of time these debris pile into a layer witch is thick enough to form these types of sedimentary rocks. Julianna

Rock Types : 

Rock Types Igneous Rocks Metamorphic Rocks Forms when heat and pressure causes older rocks change into new rocks . A rock will get buried deeper in the crust where the rocks get more heat and pressure .And the rock changes . Forms when molten rock cools .It can be formed within Earth on the surface Sedimentary Rocks Forms when pieces of older rocks , plants and other loose material get pressed together . New material gets pushed into rocks.

Pictures of the 3 types of rocks Josiah : 

Pictures of the 3 types of rocks Josiah Metamorphic rock Sedimentary rock Igneous rock

People Use Rocks : 

People Use Rocks Rocks make the building of houses and skyscrapers. They make sources of metals, such as iron, aluminum, and copper. And the carving of statues and other works of art. Rocks are also used for a base pavement for roads and highways. Nash

Rock Cycle : 

Rock Cycle The rock cycle is a set of natural processes that form, change, break down, and re-form rocks. In the rock cycle rocks will change itself into other types of rocks. Rocks can go through the rock cycle in many different ways. Julianna

Grand Canyon : 

Grand Canyon 1)The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long 2)The Grand Canyon is in Arizona, USA, the Colorado River runs through it 3)It is the largest canyon in the world 4)The water in the of the Colorado River carved out the canyon 5)It took millions of years Josiah

Resources : 

Resources Google Bing Nash

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