5 Considerations When Selecting a Corporate Training Partner

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5 Considerations When Selecting a Corporate Training Partner:

5 Considerations When Selecting a Corporate Training Partner

Cultural Alignment to Your Business Case:

Cultural Alignment to Your Business Case You need a partner whose expertise is aligned to your business case, strategy and vision. Cultural fit includes everything from their team members, organizational structure and capabilities to processes and definitions of success. Finding a partner whose attributes dovetail with your organization is critical, especially when dealing with long term, high stakes partnerships.

Full Range of Learning Capabilities:

Full Range of Learning Capabilities A corporate training partner needs to provide the full range of learning capabilities – expertise, tools and processes to manage all levels of your engagement. This includes learning system analysis, diagnostics, strategic design and direction, curriculum development and delivery, governance and project management expertise. Also critical is the ability to deliver solutions that are customizable and scalable to meet your organization’s needs.

Global Training Reach and Insight :

Global Training Reach and Insight Training is not a siloed activity. It has far reaching repercussions across business units and geographies, and you need to consider a partner with the expertise to mirror your corporate training program. Key considerations include multilingual capabilities, an understanding of how to build and operate learning programs under different regulatory environments, and the ability to provide onshore subject matter experts and expertise through local talent and solutions.

Building for Tomorrow.:

Building for Tomorrow. You need a partner that understands that your organization’s needs will evolve over time, and develops solutions that take into consideration your future growth and planning. A successful training partner can develop forward-looking solutions through industry best practices that allow them to stay abreast of changes in the industry. With a partner that plans for the future, your organization will extend current investments and see dramatic ROI.

Proven Expertise and Success:

Proven Expertise and Success Evaluating a potential training partner’s past record of success and expertise is critical to selecting a provider that can deliver what your organization requires. Positive indicators to look for include industry and customer recognition; consistency in meeting performance indicators; a reputation for sharing risks in relationships; experience, tools and processes to maximize results; and a demonstrated record of helping companies improve their industry recognized quality standards and ratings.

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