Timing is Everything Series: Structured vs. On-Demand Learning Part 6

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A central premise of the learning curve framework is that the training program is well-structured and planned out in advance. Read more on our blog.


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The Timing of Training:

The Timing of Training Plenty of time and energy is spent in talent development pondering answers to the: “Who?” “What?” “Why?” “Where?” and “How?” questions of training, but the question of “When?” is often limited to one answer: “Whenever time permits.”

The Timing of Training:

The Timing of Training The strategic element of timing in training is more nuanced than “Whenever”, and can lead to significant gains in return on investment if planned properly.


Part 6 : Structured vs. On-Demand Learning


A central premise of the learning curve framework is that the training program is well-structured and planned out in advance: the program’s budget, timelines, content, personnel, and administration are all accounted for at the outset.


The Advantages of Structure Using a structured approach lets managers maintain control over the training program, evaluate its effectiveness, and budget for it . Structured training programs like those that employ the learning curve framework are good to use for training employees on key performance indicators and mission-critical competencies.


Over-Kill? However, developing a structured learning curve and blended learning strategy for one-off training programs targeting a small handful of employees might be overkill.




Employee Onboarding Long-Term Leadership Development Sales Enablement Call Center Training Compliance and Regulatory Training Technical Skill Development Use The Structured Learning Curve Approach For These Areas:


An on-demand, unstructured learning approach including a library of self-paced e-learning, performance support tools, and instructor-led courses that can be offered on an ad hoc basis is recommended for training requirements that are more fleeting in nature . When To Use On-Demand


On-Demand Learning Resources Are a Vital Component of Any World-Class Learning Ecosystem .


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